I decided it's time I start practicing the art of healing a lot more and make it a true practice.(In 2-3 years I should be a heck a lot better)


Just post the name(It can be a fake).Every thursday and friday I will focus to heal these people.


Once the person is healed post here.I can not promise a time,but as time goes by people will be healed and as I get better this should increase.







I'm am doing this to help and to increase my level of skill.






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  • If you are still at this please sending healing thoughts to cole..I am working on this healing with others too. I believe in you :)

  • Using a letter is not a name,so give me a made up name or I will just name him "Dare".I will do what I can and yes all types of illness count.

    • haha, Dare is a good name for him.  thank you so much Goddy.

  • Goddy, does the "healing" include emotional/psychological injuries too?  if then, i'd really appreciate if you can help my partner, D, who is so traumatised by various events throughout his life and with numerous neurosis, and cannot open up and get out of the place of fears and closed-mindedness.  thank you so much.

  • Of course I'm still doing this otherwise I would tell everyone here I stopped,but I wanna really make this something I commit do every week.I will add you to the list and sorry about your stomach I expect it to get healed.

  • I will add her to list that I focus on and I really want her to be heal quick.

    • :) thank you very much!

  • hey there.. i do have someone know who needs healing...

    my Mom got diagnosed with  breast cancer.. her name is Brigitte and in two weeks she has to go to surgery...:(


  • Of course you can be added Rabz
    • Thank you :)
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