I decided it's time I start practicing the art of healing a lot more and make it a true practice.(In 2-3 years I should be a heck a lot better)


Just post the name(It can be a fake).Every thursday and friday I will focus to heal these people.


Once the person is healed post here.I can not promise a time,but as time goes by people will be healed and as I get better this should increase.







I'm am doing this to help and to increase my level of skill.






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  • I rather everyone who see this post doesn't have anyone sick.This is why I'm not gonna act like a doctor and EXPECT sick people to come in.I just leave this here and that's it.








    • I do know someone. His name is Tom and he was diagnosed with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis in 2007.
  • I love this idea...

    I am posting ....Cindy

    • Sorry to report that I have seen no improvement...
    • Thank you and it's okay.
    • Thank you for your continuing efforts...I appreciate all you do and look forward to results and improvements as time goes by.


    • I am happy to report that I am seeing a slight improvement with an issue I have been dealing with since May.....I have seen 6 different doctors, not one of them could even put a name to the condition. So Goody, please keep up the good work...it's working for me!



    • Sorry for seeing this comment so late and yes of course :)

    • Thank you.

  • this is really cool...

    also i dont know anyone who is sick..luckily....

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