Hi Goddy, and everyone :)

Thinking of using the 15x method of focus for this:

I am wondering...if I wanted to manifest something big, like in this case, I want a committed long term relationship with someone I am currently seeing, is it better for me to focus on the end goal (being something like "I am married to _____" or "I am in a serious, committed, long-term relationship with _______"




Is it better to focus on smaller steps leading up to that committed long term relationship? Such as "______ and I spend New Years together" and then when that happens "_________ and I take a trip to Mexico together" and then "_______ introducses me to his friends" and "I meet ______'s family" etc etc until I reach the end goal?




Can I successfully do a combination of the 2...with focus everyday being on the end goal, but also focusing as well on smaller goals leading up to it?


Thanks in advance for your advice :)






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  • I would focus on the end goal.  The steps are might be different than you expect and you will save time.

  • Anyone?

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