We broke up 4 years ago but I know he still loves me. He just think we can't get along together. He got engaged last week and is getting married next year. My heart is shattered. I really want him back. What should I do?

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  • If you are asking "Can I stop the wedding now?" My answer is maybe,because of the limited time.If your other question is "Can I get him to fall for me and then divorce and marry me" then my answer is 100 yes.

    BUT if you give up on him then it was not meant to be.

    The base would be 10 hours,but it seems you might wanna stop the wedding,so focusing for 2 weeks as much as you can that he doesn't marry her  and then letting go into the day of the wedding would be best.


    • Goddy, what does 10 hours of focusing involve? RS, meditation, visualization of a loving life, writing and reading out loud the intention 'Name and I are in a happy relationship', etc.? And how many days should I take for the 10 hours? 1 hr/day for 10 days? If I do not have 100% focus and I'm sure I can't because my situation is even more desperate that I'm finding it hard to believe that I have the power to change things around? You said after the base, it's only 3 minutes each day to focus or 30 mins? And do it until the result I want I get? So no breaks? In my case it's not even an ex. I think he already is married and if not his plan is this by Valentine's Day. I don't think I have the power to stop it as I'm fighting the feelings of betrayal. So please advise what is best. Thank you kindly.

  • Thank you so much for your reply. How many hours should I do for a base? His wedding is next month and I don't really have time now. Do you think it will still work?

  • after 3 years that i've seen my ex or talked to him, i still also have feelings for him. i never really could manage to do a base or write the 3mins beside , that he would contact me, but maybe i should try it too..


    would you suggest in these kind of matters to write down the end wish you want? like in Pat's case, "name of boyfriend is in love with m"e or somethign like that? or me and boyfriend are back together? im often not sure if my sentences are too short or not specific enough

    • Writing as a wish,going to and now is all fine.I always use NOW,because I just feel better doing it like that.


      Any sentence is fine as long as you know what you want.Out minds think in concepts and not words.Words are things we humans created to better understand each other.


      Do your best :)

    • cool. thanks for your answer:) i was sometimes worried that my sentences where just too short:) i will continue with the writing then and keep you updated of course as soon as something happens

  • I would make a base(A base is when you do a certain amount of focused hours before starting the true process).


    Then I would focus 3 mins everyday in till the goal is met.



    That's about it and if you have any other questions message me.




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