"Pacing Method"

(Updated 22/08/2k10)

I got a simple request from someone to make easier to understand and to do,so here we go.

First off the form

 "Breaks" - Has been shown to allow the brain to work on the information,so breaks are always good when needed.(Tested)

"Switching the pattern" - This has been shown to fix Plateau and so it's part of "Pacing method"(Tested)

"Focusing on ranges" - It's best to stick to a certain amount of focus,so like 5-7 mins,10-15 mins,20-30 mins,etc.At least the first few months or if things are going super well increasing it every now and then won't hurt it much.(Tested)

"Going in rows" - I stumped on this when seeing what is better... one day,two days or three days.I found two days works very well,because at times you need two days to get a result and found most of the time the result comes on the second day.(Tested)

 There is the form and you can look all this up and find out for your self if it makes sense or not,but I'm sure all you experience one of the above for example you played a video game or a project and then it stress you so much you decided to give up for like a couple days,a week or even longer,but then came back to find you are better and wonder why(note it doesn't always happen after the first time coming from the break,so sometimes it takes a few times)?Well you may have been done,but your mind was working on it and forming new connections in the brains and it's the same with intension.I don't know if it's God,universe or our minds,but all I know is it works and that's all that matters to me really,because results is what everyone wants(including me lol). :)

"Pacing Method rules"

 1.You make sure to focus 20-30 mins(recommend),30-45(recommend) or 45-1hr(This is just the beginning and when it get pretty good,then you can increase it,so normally 2-3 months)(Note:Stay in the range you pick for now)

 2.You focus two days in a row most of the time and see if results come within those days and if results some then add one day for every result day,but if results are too little or no results at all,then take 1-3 days.(Depends on how your doing,so if results are good take less breaks and if results are weak or no results take more breaks)

3.if your at a point where results keeps coming and like 4-5 days past,then you can take a break if you wish,but most people just keep going ,because of how happy they are.

4.When you reached your goal you can stop.You will also notice that things keep getting better as time goes on without you doing anything or much at all(Normally after 3 months of doing it)

5.Note that even if you get a result on your break day,DON'T FOCUS.Allow intension/mind/Universe,etc to work on the energy you put in,so relax and let go on it for now. :)

6.Don't do a pattern more then three times.

F - Means focus days

B - Means Break days




Now at this point you would have to change it,so for example


Also check out "Pacing Method(Advance Instructions)" to understand better how to start.

(Updated) 7.Last Thing I forgot to mention and that is the BASE!!!!A Base is just focusing as much as you can  for any number of hours and the more the better and with this method it matters.If you have a base of like 30 hrs for example,then you will notice pretty good results coming at a pretty good pace,but it would be a lot stronger if it was 100 hrs.

This method is very powerful and is kind of like workout except it's all up to you to decide when you feel you need a break.(Always look at how your results are going)

Peace and have fun!!!

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  • "can I use this Pacing method to get this job offer and strengthen what I want ???"

    Yes you can and since you did 3 mins a day with 15x,then your range of focus is 3-5 mins,so just do 3-5 mins at most.You don't wanna plateau before the interview.

    • Thanks, Goddy.

      Absolutey NO for plateau before interview!

      How's the pattern shall me ? FFBBB or I just have to focus until I hear a result from the interview ? The interview is next Tuesday and it probably takes 2 weeks, I will hear from them whether I get a job.

      Wish me luck!
    • I would focus accounting to when the interview is,so I would focus and watch for results showing I will get the job and take one day off before the interview and focus on that day.

    • Hi Goddy, thanks for the tips.

      Just want to make sure I understood correctly, 1 day off before interview, then focus again on the day of interview, rite? till when ?
    • "One more question, for the pacing method do the results usually take one month also?"


      "till when ?"

      Till you confirmed that you got the job.

    • Thanks, Goddy. If one day I forgot to focus because I were busy or just forgot, should I just continue the next day or I had to take a break ?
    • You would focus the next day,but make sure to go two times in a row.

    • So it means 2 x 3-5 minutes. tx.
    • This is one of THE BEST methods I ever tried, if not the only one that worked for me. :-)
  • Hi Goddy,

    Need to seek some advices from you. I did 15x for the job and got a new job in Jan, but not at my favourite company. So I stop doing 15x but I've done writting still for me to work for my favourite company when it's full moon. Today, suddenly, the company calls me and asks whether I'm still interested for the job I applied for 2 months ago. Of course I say YES and they''ve invited for an in-person interview next week, tuesday.

    I'm still want to work for my favourite company and that's why I keep on eye their vacancy. I'm thinking, can I use this Pacing method to get this job offer and strengthen what I want ???

This reply was deleted.