Pacing Method(Advance Instructions)

(Updated 13/08/2k10)

Alright we should all know about "Pacing Method" and it can be used to get anything you want as long as you follow it.

I just wanted to add more of way one should use it.


When you first start and go two days in a row and if you see no result,then it's best to take three days off.When you come back this time just do one day and see if results come and if not,then take the next day off and then come back and do two days in a row. and repeat this,but remember if your getting results keep going till the results ether die down or stop fully.

Day 1:Focus

Day 2:Focus

Day 3:(if no results)Break for three days in a row(Take a break today)

Day 4:Break

Day 5:Break

Day 6:Focus and see if anything happens and if not take the next day off.

Day 7:Break One or Two days off

Repeat above till you have a result and when you do keep going till the results are died down or stop.

 "Pacing Method" <- This is my best method which I use the most and "Workout" is also really good and it's even better if you like following the same pattern.

 "Adept Method" is really good also for money,but I personally use "Pacing Method" for money more,because I'm so use to it the most.Recently it's hard to tell if  Adept or Pacing method is better for money(More testing needed)

Note:Most of the time you will focus two days in a row,because it's more effective.

One important is NEVER do the same patten over and over.Do it at MOST three times,so for example below.

For example

B - Break

F - Means day you focus.




Once you do it three times it's best to switch it up and there is like a 70% you will get a result by switching it up.




As you see this is just doing the same thing over and over,so for a new rule don't do the same thing no more then three times.This can slow the process down,even doe it will still end up mostly work,but still now you know not to do it like this.


The easies way to know when to keep going to add one day more for each day you get a result. 


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  • It would be better to do 8 hours everyday for longer then 2 weeks,but you will get a form of results if you focus that much.It better to focus 3 mins everyday for 6 months then just 2 weeks for 8 hours each,because of cues and cues are what is the most important thing to aim for.


    If you did 8 hours everyday for 6 months or more then you would get many,many,many,many times better then just 3 mins everyday for 6 months.


    Every Within every 3 months there is expected to be a increase,but within 6 months great results are 100% to happen if you keep going everyday for at least 3 mins.




    • Thanks, Goddy. But are we talking about stop and go (pacing) or 3 mins or more everyday for 6 months? How about 30-60 mins everyday for 6 months? Actually my question was probably (hehehe), say I'm doing 3 or 15mins everyday for 6 months. Can I increase now and then if I have extra time say 4-8 hours per day for a week or two? Another words, can you mix/match the duration?


  • Hi Goddy,

    I'm curious and people can laugh. But if a person has the ability to go away to a secluded place and focuses say 8 hours per day for 2 weeks straight, what will happen? Anything? Will things get crazy? If it's about attracting lost love for example, will something happen?

  • @poco


    Nope.Just focus.When you workout you don't have to feel good to get results and it's the same.





    • Thanks Goddy!
  • Do you have to feel good when focusing?
  • @JustMe


    Concept thinking is all about thinking without words or pictures and just holding the concept.You just know that your holding the thought.


    As for using this method.There is one thing you should know.Since learning more I found it's better to make sure to do one more thing.


    1.If during a break day you get a result,then break till you the results slow down,but no more then 7 days in a row.




    • Can you explain more about how you just hold the concept? What do you mean by that? Can you give examples? Because I quite don't understand thinking without words or pictures..
    • Thanks Goddy.  I'll make a start tonight and keep you updated on progress.

      Sorry if this is a really thick question, but during the rest of the time (ie, when I'm not focussing and break days), I take it I "forget" the issue and the usual LOA principles, eg, staying positive, happy,concentrating on me etc, apply?

      Take care and again many thanks for the advice :-)

  • Hi Goddy

    I'm going to do this method and was wondering if there are any more details anywhere about focus techniques? You mentioned concept thinking in an earlier post, what is it, how do you do it etc? I've had a look around the other threads and couldn't see anything about this so any info would be greatly appreciated........not only am I new to this site and group but I'm a relative newbie to LOA generally :-)

    Many thanks.

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