• oh god ! that just complicates things ! :(
  • A bunch of us tried it and no success as a result of it. Not to say it doesn't work, it really depends on if the spirit wants to help you.
  • okay katie kat thank u so much, :)...! Hey have you perosnally tried this ? or know of someone who did ? Sucess ?
  • You do the spell once, light a red candle and say the spell. Then go to any crossroads near you and leave the offerings. This has to be done at night.
  • hey katiekat ....thanks for the link ....what do we have 2 do ? say this spell ? how many time / where ? a particular crossroad or any crossroad ? please can u explain a lil more in detail ?
  • Here is the spell:

    You need to make offerings of cigar, red roses, red wine or rum at the crossroads after doing the spell.
  • thank u so much !!! bless u !
  • i will check:) i for sure have it somehwere saved on my harddrive:) will send you the whole thing as soon as i find it:)
  • oh my god cailly ...thanks for replying ... !! i used 2 keep comin here everyday 2 chek if anyone has replied ! he he . do u have a link or somethin 2 that spell ?
  • haha yea i remember Pomba Gira.. Angie posted the spell once. its probably still somewhere in the old groups:)
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