Well I got fired today. A couple weeks ago I got pulled over on the way to work and the cop gave me a ticket at 6:01am and i had to be at work at 6am so today my supervisor told me that she did everything she could to help me but she had to end my assignment. so the good thing is e didn't break up with me over money, he said he's going to try to talk to his boss and see if they can help me get back into dover downs the casino he works at in dover and he's going to talk to his roommate to try to get me into the casino she works at in our town. Hopefully something is coming my way and i even focused about it too. Do you think i'll be ok? and what can i do?

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  • I believe its the pacing method. thankyou i'm going to try to do this. its so hectic.
    • You mean Pacing-Workout method(remember  to use the right one)
    • yes thats the one because i would focus for 4 days a week and then break for the rest. is that the right way?
    • That's a form of workout method.


      Do read the rules of "Pacing-Workout Method".Also the "Pacing Method"(Old one) the most you go in a row is 3 days,so what you doing is a form of workout method.


      Pacing method(Old one) works really well for some people ,but some other people not so well.



    • Thankyou Goddy, I hope I figure out something, I just have to let my mind relax for an hour.
  • First what method are you using currently?if it's Pacing-Work method focus twice a week in a row in till you seem to recover or atleast recover to a good extent.


    If it's C/R/MROI(Since this got you where you were before) then do this which is the same method that got you where you are with money in the first place.




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