For SINGLES. Be careful, coming here might end it lol!
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  • World Day of Prayer Begins

    Tomorrow, September 11,
  • Hey everyone, im new here. Im a happy 24 year old guy from seattle. I was persuaded to join this group by Cupid.... He said it would be good for me...
  • Ok I want love!
  • Hello everyone, I am just interested in meeting other singles in my area-- Lakeland Florida. Let me know if there is any one out there that lives in the area and part of the Powerful Intentions, Law of Attraction.
    Good day..
  • Sometimes even the most positive amongst us have personal and damaging problems to cope with. so...
    Just to remind you of my online counselling. You will find the link on the contact page of my website

    Panic Attacks,nervous problems,relationships etc etc

    I offer guidance and a shoulder to lean on.

  • we will seek perfection but how many years do we have to live to reach it? lol
  • and we will never know everything , we will keep in the circle of trial and error till we die.
  • You are SO right, BB --

    We only make mistakes because we don't know everything. We're here to EXPERIENCE mortal life and discover new things.
    To CREATE new things NO ONE has experienced before. So we're bound to foul up along the way -- but that's just part of the PROCESS! Part of the EVOLUTION!

    Rock 'n' Roll, Baby!
  • we stive to be perfect , but we will never be perfect as long we have mind that mixes between good and bad and a body that have hidden desires and a sould longing for its creater.
  • God Created us as his picture, but gave us the choice to be perfect or not , tell me why Adam and Eve were departured form Paradise , is it because they were perfect or just because they chose to be otherwise, so where does this leave us ? we are not perfect we are the sons of Eva and Adam who chose not to obey GOD commandments and since that day we are making mistake after mistake .
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How to Attract Your Perfect Relationship

To attract your perfect relationship, it is important that you clarify your desires about it. It is easily to do thinking about old relationships and identify what we didn't like in our past partners. Take a sheet and divide it into two sides, writing on the top, at the right side "I DO WANT", while on the left side you write "I DO NOT WANT. Begin to write on the left side of the sheet, all that you do not want in a relationship. Then, by contrast, begin to write for every negative statements,…

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stuck in a rut

I thought that moving out of the house and into the apartment would solve all of the problems ... I thought that the past would be left in the past and allow me to start anew.. I Thought I would feel better and not cry as much .. I thought that I could accept what happened and finally let go and move on.. I have been in my bed for two days my head is hurting so bad I am stuck yet again unpacking looking at old pictures and remembering is making me hurt more than ever..what I am suppose to do…

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truth is....

I met a man online as usual but this one seemed different, we talked so easily he sent emails everday and called every night.. He told me that we would meet this coming up Wednesday as he was sick and did not want to pass on the germs.. I thought it was quite cute as we spoke for two to 3 hours each night for the last few weeks...Then today he sent an email saying that he wanted to "terminate our relationship" that he met someone else and wanted to see where they were going to go with them.. I…

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What sounds in your head after the first kiss?

So, this is the situation.You have a date, you enjoy and the kiss comes, and both feel it. Going back to home, fullof entusiasm... what you hear in your head, what you sing..This is mine. And is also great to get that "special" feeling when you are not having your best moment:

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