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  • How is everyone doing on their weight loss programs? I lost 35 lbs (yay) and I'm working on losing 25 - 30 lbs more. I'll see what I look like at 125. If I'm not satisfied, I'll go down to 120.

  • Someone should lead that guy here.

  • Hi I wouldn't have a clue. But let us all know if you do find out. I'll do the same :)
  • Hi Ray, I just saw the You Tube video. I wonder if there's any word on how Robert is doing?

  • I love this so inspirational

  • My latest update.


    I normally do not get get on a scale, because I'm on a program where I'm losing body fat, but gaining muscle. I hit the gym 3 times a week for weight training and I do cardio 3 times a week at home. I'm more or less eating like a body builder. I'm eating six small meals a day that are protein heavy. I'm limiting simple carbs and fats.


    Anyway, my clothes have been feeling a bit looser for the past couple of weeks, so I started wearing the next smaller sized clothes in my closet. I have clothes in every size, because I kept the clothes I was wearing during my gradual weight gain.


    So I jumped on the scale and discovered I have lost 9 pounds since the last time I weighed myself, which was August 1st. In order to look really slamming, I figure, I'll need to lose another thirty to forty pounds, but I'm well on my way. :P

  • Abraham Hicks. Weight loss, worthiness and Law of Attraction.

  • here to get inspired
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Who is on a weight loss program? If so, what program are you on?

I'm all for Rhonda Byrne's idea about manifesting the perfect weight and I use all the techniques everyday, while still eating healthy and going to the gym. I kind of feel that I'm "acting as if" by eating healthy and exercising. Right now, I'm doing Body For Life and I'm eating what's on the menu. However, I don't sweat it, if I eat a carb laden dinner (I love Italian food) and I don't see it as "cheating" or "blowing it". I do feel a lot better eating a high protein / low carb regimen. I…

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I lost 17 pounds this month alone!

Wow! I just had to share this amazing thing going on with me!After the birth of my son, I added on weight and had a hard time getting it off -- until I started to consciously create & manifest my weight goal!I was 148 just the middle of October, I am now 131 -- and still getting smaller! My first goal was 130 and I'll hit that within a day or two now. I find that working in small goals doesn't make it so unrealistic or overwhelming.. =)Weight simply melts off of you when you REALLY go after…

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Slim body

Today is day one, only down from here, in number of pounds and dress sizeand inches on my bodygoing downstreamI wish like millions of people, that you wake up one day in your new bodyI don't know what else to do,keep striving.... or go under the knife to achieve it....

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