• how have you all got on?!

    my 'current' weight is 120lbs. yay!

  • I am aiming for 125 pounds.  Let's mark the date: July 16th, 2014.  I can DO THIS!  

  • 145lbs

  • Me , to 49 Kilos .

    As I was always .

    Its not NOT Food or Chronology ,

    but it is my NATURE .

    My Natural Weight .


    Also AYURVEDA Medicine told Me .


    I , m 1.69 High . In Meters .

    lace ***

  • I reached 117 pounds in May and hadn't been that happy/lean in 8+ years! Then I went on vacation and it slowly crept back on.

    I WILL reach 117 again!

  • I aiming to be 11 stone.  To lose 28 1lbs

  • for me it is 47kg

  • Hi Nikki G,

    Good for you. I haven't really established a goal weight yet, but I'm working toward a more lean body. I'm 5'4" and would like to get down to 130 then see where I'm at. If that weight looks good on me or not. I'm very small boned, so I have to see what weight I'll be when I get rid of body fat and gain muscle.


    Right now, I'm doing Body For Life and I just returned from the gym.

  • I am 5'4 and am manifesting a weight of 130 lbs even though I eat what I want and enjoy the exercise of Bikram yoga and walking to help my mind/body/soul align. So I say it, so let it be :)
  • i just about to post there and i have realised i posted back in July. Since then despite not really trying too hard (i really havent) I have lost almost 7 pounds, so am really getting there!!! WOO. i am going to be 126 pounds!!!
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