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  • Hi! I actually am a slim person now. I wear a 7 or 8 ...
    But I want to a more FIT person and having used LOA to lose 100 pounds...I thought I would join.
  • hi Thanks for having this group, as I continue on in my goal of losing around 25 pounds. Blessings, Hugs, Kathy/Kathleen in Englewood, Fl.
  • I just wanted to say hello to everyone and thank the creator of this group for providing us all with this mini community. I look forward to reading through the threads and participating.
  • Hi everyone! A good friend of mine who is a 25year Fitness Instructor and a Law of Attraction Coach and I will be hosting a teleseminar on (today for some of you) Friday May 29th, 2009 at 11am NYCity time, 8 am Las Vegas time. I'd love for you to register! Yes, it is fr33! We only ask that you help us out by letting us know what your challenges are or questions about creating the body you want using the law of attraction. You can register and ask your question at I hope you can join or at least register so we can find out what challenges others are facing. We will record the session for those who register, in case you can't make this time.

    Hope you can join us!
  • I'm not sure if any of you saw "Beyond The Secret" at the movie theater last week, but in case you didn't I wanted to share something Bob Proctor said that really resonated with me: (This may not be exactly what he said but it was something like this.) "Don't focus on losing weight. We are programmed to find things we lose. Instead, focus on releasing it."
    How powerful is that? I have a lot more thoughts on that but wanted to share the short version with all of you. If you want to read the long version, check out my latest blog post at
    Your Taste Buds Didn't Go on a Diet!
  • My granddaughter is so excited about me losing weight. At 8 years old even she understands that this losing weight will help her grandpa live longer. I reviewed videos on my camcorder one day and found she had been in the garage making promoting videos asking people to go to my web site. I realize how important it is to her for me to be successful. I am sure there are other grandparents out there that want to have a long and happy life with their grandkids so I plan to do all I can to get the word out on how people of age can lose weight and be successful at improving health at a time when nature is working so hard to lessen such.

    Here is a video I put together with a bit of help from my granddaughter.

  • she is in there somewhere
    just have to somehow remove the excess
    Today is the first day of the rest of my life...
  • Great stories of inspiration, thanks for sharing. I too am on my way to my perfect/ideal weight. Will share as I progress.
  • Hi everyone. I somehow knew there would be an active forum here for this topic. I am well on my way to my perfect weight, and want to share that journey. Here's a synposis of where I've been:
    I've been overweight since I was 15 and had my ovary removed. I was a US size 12 when I graduated High School (same size now). I got up to a size 20 at one point. I was sedentary and ate whatever I wanted.
    I have done most of the diets out there at one point. I had great success on Weight Watcher's twice but then gained most of the weight back. 2 years ago I decided to be healthy, and became active. I discovered yoga, and, without changing my diet too much (I already eat pretty healthy), I lost 37lbs. I loved the yoga so much I became an instructor.
    For the last year and 1/2 I have struggled to lose the rest of the weight. I tried Nutrisystem and gained weight. I went to a nutritionist and lost 2lbs in 2 months, I am VERY active - doing yoga, pilates, running, and boxing 8 hours a week - but still the weight wasn't coming off.

    I knew I had to find the solution. I consulted with my Feng Shui master and made some changes to my space to enhance my health direction. I knew the answer would come.

    The answer came at me from every angle. The answer for me was a local weight loss doctor. I have been on his program for 2 weeks and have lost 12lbs and over 1% of my body fat. I've lost less than 5lbs of water during that time as well.

    The beautiful thing is the weight is falling off my stomach more than anywhere. My clothes are very loose - and the difference is very visible. I only have another 27lbs to go to be at my goal weight, so it may not seem as if I have that much to lose - but I have been struggling for so long to be where I want to be.

    Now I'm not struggling - the weight is just falling off. I'm enjoying my exercise and enjoying my food. I still have days where i struggle, which is why I wanted to join this group. I also have come up with a lot of creative ways to stay on track, and I want to share those. I look forward to continuing my journey with all of you.

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Where is everyone?

I know I have been absent for a while, mainly because I have so much going on. I thought I would check in and notice nobody has said anything since December. How are you all doing?I'm a little frustrated. I hit my original goal weight the week of Christmas, but have been retaining water the last 2 weeks and I am so afraid it is all coming back. Realistically I know better. I am doing everything I should be doing - my body is just adjusting again (and I'm having some normal water fluctuations).…

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this is tough

Hi all:I know we all face different parts of weight lose, for me this has been a battle since I was about 9 years old... I have tried and failed weight lose more times than I can count,, I even had the gastric bypass in which I almost lost my life but I did lose 100 pounds and gained what is now my 8 year old son which I am eteranlly grateful for he is a light all his own.... I watched the video which I rocked out to thanx to the music being great ,, However I still eat my house down when I am…

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John Assaraf from "The Secret" Giving Free Personal Development Teleseminar Tomorrow

Hi everybody,I just found out John Assaraf, one of the teachers from the secret, as well as author of NY Times best seller "Having it All" and "The Answer" will be giving a free personal development teleseminar Wednesday, August 20th at 5pm (Pacific).I signed up a couple minutes ago and the call is centered around finding your True North to love, inspire and serve others. The talk will also cover:-How to Live creatively, always pushing the envelope-How to Challenge others to live life to their…

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