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    Hi guys I m facing this unique situation. I would really love your help. I wrote everything down in detail in the forum and posted it. Sharing it above. I hope some of you kind people will find time to go over my post and advice me. Thanks. It's start of new journey for me.

  • Although I've realised how powerful and easy using LOA can be, I am getting lost every time I try to attract the love of my life. I would request everyone over here to pray for me. Thank you! :)


  • Sir Neil, I like what you said about re-aligning with music. I have been doing that actually and even watching cartoons from my youth, to remember when the world seem more magical and everything seemed more possible. It was a message I got from the Universe, so I am glad to see that makes sense for others, as well. I think it rejuvenates the being! It's like a time machine. I feel younger! :)
  • There isn't just one soulmate for everyone; there are probably many. Thinking that there is just one soulmate can make them very difficult to attract or find. There are seven billion people in the world, and if you are intending one, then it can be like a needle in a haystack.

    Go for the multi-solution paradigm as John Kehoe calls it: there are numerous soul mates for you. When you are in alignment with them (meaning feeling good about yourself) they will come galloping into your world.

    The right people for you, who (since they are in alignment with the way you are feeling) also feel good about themselves.
  • Every vibration you have ever had, and every experience you have ever had, is stored in the subconscience. As such, it becomes a stored vibration which you can 're access' time and again if you want to.

    That means that if you are having trouble getting into 'romantic' alignment, but have done so before, then you can re access it again and help yourself that way.

    Music is always a good one for memories. There is nothing like a song to remind you of a particular person or moment. So do you have a song or songs which do that for you? Play them now and play them a few times, so that you can reactivate their memories and their vibrations.

    (This is why YouTube is so handy)
  • Feeling foolish about what just happened to me in a recent dating adventure. Think you're the only one; you're not the only one. I've gotten better perspective now...Read on...

  • Lynette, that is beautiful.  I once said to an ex (he was my boyfriend at the time) "I am love personified."  Well, we all are.  And I mean, if we ARE love, than of COURSE we attract love.  Just for the record, re my long name here, there is a story behind each part.  Komodia I know is a weird name as is sounds like commode - a toilet!  But actually I saw this article "Who are the happy Gods" and it said that Komodia is the Greek Goddess of happiness and amusement, or rather than personification of it.  Aphrodite is, I believe, the Greek version (Athena is a Greek name, so I have kept it all Greek) of Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, in a way and Aphrodite = Goddess of love and sex.  That's why I choose that.  To me I mean though love in all its forms. Romantically and sexually, yes but also love for and to the world.  Again, if we see ourselves as BEING love and we believe we attract what we ARE...........

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Affirmations to get soulmate

Hi, I have been single, feel like forever, more than 10 years. I am seeking soulmate/lover. I want to find good affirmations that I can say often when I am bored or when I'm free or can mediate or can say in my head or when driving or in public transportationIm looking for good and sweet affirmations, something that soulmate is crazy about me, that he/she do anything for me and that I am the only number one person that he/she is crazy about me and can't stop thinking about me. Something that I…

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Reimagining our relationship

It's my intention to be in a passionate, loving,stronger relationship with Twaine Gordon. We'll raise our daughter and other children we'll have into adulthood. I accept that I deserve good things. I accept that my desire is already granted.

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Undo a manifestation

Hi Guys,So basically I was in a relationship with an amazing person but I couldn't get over my ex so I manifested many times and eventually one day just after manifesting my ex back, it worked and I got what I desires.Shortly After that I realised how wrong I was because I only wanted my ex back because I felt rejected, right now he's inlove with me but i regret it.My question is - is there ever a way to undo that? I can't seem to manifest the guy that I was dating back, even if i do I just get…

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