To create the relationship you want, you have to know what you want. If you don't know what you want, how can you create it? When you find it difficult to know what you are looking for in a relationship, start with writing down what you don't want and change that in what you want. For example: I don't want a partner who is adultery. To know what you want you say:"I have a partner who I can trust".So create a list and if you want to share, feel free!

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  • One of the biggest things which people miss out on is to say that they are AVAILABLE NOW.  Commonly gets overlooked but very important. 

  • Well, I need the best of the two people fused somehow, in one person. 

    One is adamantine, a hard and stimulating berrieh. Sharp and cold and mocking, she knows how to cut me to the core and take me to places inside myself I dare not see. But she also respects me enough that she will not leave me stranded there. She might "casually cut me and laugh while I'm bleeding," but she stitches me up and shares the laughing gas. 

    The other is soft, dreamy, mild. She is long walks in the cool mist by the sea, the denouement of poetry slowly settling into our bones. Epic novels written and shared by us. She is quiet, and sweet, and she develops trust in herself in these quiet moments alone, because as she opens me in the loud moments, so I draw her out in the quiet ones. Together, we develop trust in ourselves and a deep abiding happiness. 

    Not to mention a lucrative pair of writing careers.


  • My ideal partner is:

    Dark skinned. Sexy. About 5"10' - 6". is handsome. Is meticulously dressed. Loves to help me around the house doing maintenance i.e. painting doors, getting the fire wood. He is intellectual. He understands academics and the Indigenous community. He is a warrior and fighter. He is spiritual. He has his own money and shares his resources with me. He does not want for anything. He is funny. He brings me flowers and chocolates. He loves my snoring and the way I am. He loves 528hz. He enjoys my children's company. He is emotionally, spiritually, physically, mentally available and waiting for our relationship. He sees me and there is instant attraction. He loves the beach and my country, Armidale and Inverell. My Elders love him. He is family to them. Suddenly I feel I am grounded and have purpose. He dreams of me. He asks me to be his girlfriends and comes travelling with me. We research together and are strong together. It is like he is the cement and I am the brick. Or he is the pool and Im the floaty.He meditates and farms. He laughs, dances and has fun. He is energetic and great in the sack. He loves my cooking. He is honourable and pays my bills. We build an empire! He gives me gifts of diamonds and sapphires all of the time He is artistic and paints a picture of me. He is brilliant. He speaks well. He is mine - all mine xxx

  • Shelia, 

    after I make list of qualities and physical traits, what i do next, I know I read from the secret and magic book on relationship. Should I read aloud or read quielty daily at night with prayer before bedtime? or just read once quietly and let it go? I see others have different methods. so I want to know the proper way to manifest.

    Thaks, Chloe  

  • I feel ease and absolute comfort around her. I feel relaxed whenever she comes around, whenever I think about her. And I am extremely, extremely, extremely attracted to her physically and mentally. 

  • I know who is my man :) He is already in my life. He is tall, dark and handsome. He loves me a lot. Moreover, he treats me with respect. I am the top priority in his life. He takes a firm stand for me in front of his parents, relatives and friends. My man is loyal and honest. I am the only girl in his life. We are soulmates. Whenever I am not around he misses me very much. My every morning starts with his cute WhatsApp messages. He is a perfect lover and responsible husband. I love the way he handles the toughest situations. He trusts and understands me very much. He is encouraging and supports me in reaching towards my goals. He respects my parents and takes care of them. He is very patient and always ready to take new challenges in life. He can express his emotions well and is empathetic towards me. He believes that we are the best couple in the world. He is witty and always spread happiness wherever he goes. He is very proud of me. We are going to get married and I am hundred percent confident that he would a great dad of our kids.
  • i have done this kind of thing before, and it has never really worked for me, or has taken an absolute age to manifest, so I probably have some fears to let go of first.  This is what I would urge everyone to do before embarking on anything else.  Make your lists of qualities for a partner/relationship, but also look to see if there are any underlying fears which may be blocking out the love.  Maybe things which are so unconscious that you aren't really aware of, but which block or attract all the same.  Until you do this, your positive efforts (affirming, visualising, working on your feeling point) could be scuppered.

    You can ask the Universe to tell you or show you what the thing you need to release is; then when you have identified it, see about releasing it.  You can work on forgiveness if it's something like a trust issue with an ex, or you can use fear release affirmations such as the causative I RELEASE ALL FEAR, IT IS SAFE TO LET THE LOVE IN.  As you do this, you will transmute the blocking energies which are stopping the love from coming in, and turning them into positive energies around you.  

    Fear blocks up.  If you have deep-seated fears, it is like trying to pass water through a pipe full of sludge; eventually it will block up and nothing will get through.  If you clear out the fears like you can clear out the sludge in the pipe, then things will be able to flow into and through your life very easily.  This is because you won't have any resistant energies blocking you and attracting the opposite or the lack of what you desire.

  • How cool, looking back. I know the woman, all these things I listed. And we're like this (two fingers intertwined.) Now, wouldn't it have been nice if she'd not been quite so gay? Sigh. (No, actually. But that's a different issue.)

    Another thing I was dreaming of manifested. Not the 'right' girl I was dreaming of, but she could play her on TV! Even a slightly better fit. I forgot to imagine 'happily ever after.' Six months after meeting her.... flumph, back where I started only not quite able to vibe right. Sigh! Just like the dream, "Leave Arizona, I need you to come live with me..." 

    And I kept forgetting which songs to look up for love songs. The sad ones keep drawing me!

    Anyhow, here's to better manifestations! Cheers.

  • I got my man , everyday for about 5 months I listened to "mirrors " by Justin timberlake and I believed I was singing to him, finally happened for me .....
  • My perfect husband:

    Sensitive, kind and compassionate

    Humorous, foolish and silly in a good way, witty

    Is up for going out and doing all different types of things but also content to relax at home with me

    Loyal, trustworthy and honest

    Handsome, dresses nicely and practices good hygiene

    Open minded

    Wants to settle down and commit


    Knowledgeable on all different types of topics

    Loves all different types of music and films

    Happy with simple things, easy going and laid back

    Passionate, romantic and a little bit naughty

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