To create the relationship you want, you have to know what you want. If you don't know what you want, how can you create it? When you find it difficult to know what you are looking for in a relationship, start with writing down what you don't want and change that in what you want. For example: I don't want a partner who is adultery. To know what you want you say:"I have a partner who I can trust".So create a list and if you want to share, feel free!

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  • I think its great to play around and think big, At the end of my post where I said I want is the biggest you can think.  My wishes were way beyond some limited idea of big tits and getting my laundry done, etc.  Have fun and try to manifest any and everything you want.

    My point was that, to me at least, it appears the "men" being wished for were the desires of materialistic shcoolgirls short on self-esteem.  Nine times our of ten when someone goes for ear rings and a fur coats from a man to make them happy, they are not only not going to get the ear rings and fur coat, they will most likely never be happy.  You ave to get happy first, get in the vibration of having all the things that appear to make you happy.  That is when people wish less for all the silly little things and more for the important things.  

    I realize that may be the case with some of these posters, but I highly doubt it.  My suspicion, as I stated before, is that these desires are coming from a place of personal lack... that's how it looks from the outside in, at least. 

  • At the end of a long shift of work, I like to go to a bar, I walk up to the barman and say can I have Smirnoff vodka, no lemon with ice and a coke, I don't say hi I'm thirsty I don't know what I want, this goes for putting your intentions out for what you want in a man, puts it in perspective yes?
    • So really what you're saying is, you can only really choose what you want if you have money.

    • That doesn't make sense to me what you said, ok so it's a free bar all night. ...... I mean know your order for the barman, right down to the last detail, same goes for your order to the universe....
    • Essentially, you own this bar. Your making the order is all the payment required. You just forgot that you owned it and are acting, right now, like a charity case.  "Could you please give me the leftovers?" Dude, anything you ask for. Order off-menu. 

  • I say fork it man (re Des' post) ask for whatever the hell you want.  Most of my life if not all of my life I have dated practically broke hunks who were lovely but never had much cash I wouldn't mind a rich one for a change.  But I used to be married to a neat freak who would tidy the room for me.  Usually with me but I am very messy by nature and he hates mess and I think he got a sense of accomplishment from it.  You can attract ANYTHING.  So think big.

    I think just for the hell of it I'm gonna say I want a Black guy with a Northern Irish accent to meet and go on a date with.

    I don't actually CARE if that manifests or not my dream guy can come from anywhere and be Black, White whatever and I DO love accents but I think everyone has an accent unless they are from my country they will sound like they do, right? 

    But I'm gonna put it out there for the hell of it and I really don't care if I get a Black guy with a Northern Irish accent or not to date it's just an experiment but I want him to have corn rows.  When I attract Black guys usually they are gorgeous but they always - except for one - have short hair ha ha. 

    And i want that Icelandic guy on the online dating thing who's matched me to go on a date with me, just for the heck of it, something a little different.

    Again, these are not dream men things - though hey it's possible either could be - just think it would be interesting. 

    There is very little resistance in either case cos I'm not fussed if I manifest a date with a Black Northern Irish guy with corn rows or a date with the Icelandic guy who may have even gone back there by now anyway or not.  

    But I say the OPPOSITE of Des.

    No offence to him.

    Ask for whatever qualities you want.

    If you want a girlfriend who loves to clean your house include that.

    If you want a guy with money include that.

    Why the heck not.

    What if she loves to clean?

    What if he loves to spoil you and splash the cash?

    I say I'm tired of being scared to ask for too much you know what really screw that mentality, honestly, I'm done with it.

    But be playful with it.

    With regards to the dream man boyfriend thing I need to be more playful with it at times and maybe I need a better term than dream man I want him to in my REALITY and in my LIFE.

    (Get out of my dreams, get into my car.) 

    But let's have FUN with this.

    If you are a guy and think girls won't like you cos you don't have cash, manifest ones who DO.

    And I don't care if you want a girl with big boobies, good for you cos "everybody needs a bosom for a pillow" so they say.

    In a totally random mood today! ;-) 

    Maidelane, kinda asking myself the same question about a couple of guys.  Do I keep on holding out for the dream man boyfriend or let either - or both if they're into that ;-) - these two guys I rather like who like me and are a match to SOME of what I want, be by boyfriend in the meantime?  And know the one who has it all is coming or even like 80% or something.  But both those guys are rather nice so I don't know! Not sure.  Good question. 

  • Hmmm

    I am going to make a snarky comment here, apologies in advance.

    Why am I not surprised that so many are (still) looking for "love" when so much of what they want in their ideal dream partner (man, usually) are material comforts and luxury?  Looks, money, buy me stuff, might as well put "worship me" in there as well.  These so-called manifestations are coming from petty, egoic desire and an inward feeling of lack, which you believe can be filled by getting a new car or some fancy earrings.  I might as well put:

    • Has big breasts
    • Wants to "get" with me everyday and will bring her friends and sister as well
    • Will do my laundrey
    • Looks like Salma Hyek 
    • Has her own money so I don't have to buy her stuff all the damn time
    • Dresses sexy but not too slutty
    • My friends all want her but she just teases them and never cheats, ever
    • Can cook
    • Cleans my pad when she's here

    You get the idea?  You hear how this sounds?  What does that list tell the universe?  That I am a needy, selfish oaf who is still living in an adolescent sexual fantasy land and think I need someone to essentially "serve" me to be happy ... I know there are many good wishes in the lists above, but things like "buys me cars" is just making you unbelievably unattractive to any real man, because it confirms the suspicion that real love is not what you want.  It tells me that you want validation and to be admired.  

    To be happy, and share real love, as unconditional as we humans can manage, to be respected, liked, and share mutual compatibility.  To share awesome sexual chemistry, romance and be utterly inspired to love her every day, to mutually support , etc...  Those are the things on my list.  

    They are already here, right around the corner.

  • Buy a furby, turning it evil freaked me out, but you you can turn it good again, and they sleep after being left alone for for a 3minutes lol
  • My man that I will meet in January 2014 is :
    My age
    treats me as his equal
    loves his parents
    kind to people and animals
    has a job
    lives close to me
    he's single and wants to settle down with m
    good body
    nicely hung
    {{{{{{{{{{{{{{AND SO IT IS}}}}}}}}}}}}
  • I manifest the following man:

    He is my best friend

    We talk for hours

    He does not drain my energy but increases it

    I am enlightened by him

    He loves my children and they get on really well

    He is happy in his own skin

    He is a business man

    He is charming

    He is monogamous but we have fun having sex

    He is sexy and fun

    He has black hair

    He dresses well

    He is rich and is generous with me

    He gets the best out of me

    I am always relaxed around him

    He treats me like a princess

    He is loyal to me

    He marries me

    He doesn't want anymore children

    His family love me

    He loves Aboriginal culture and my history and what I do in life

    He has no huge problems with drugs or alcohol or overeating

    He loves to have fun and socialise

    He is a great lover

    He takes care of himself and is well groomed

    He is very good looking

    He loves the way I am and that I am relaxed and I relax him

    We travel together

    We have decided to have fun in life

    He is community minded

    He is spiritual and is in touch with himself

    He has goals which I love

    We do the gardening together

    He brings me flowers and buys me cars and jewellery

    He does things with my children like, golfing, swimming, fishing, painting

    I am not lonely when I am with him

    We are made for each other...

    He is very legal minded and understands the law

    He is trustworthy

    We build a beautiful home

    He dances and loves music

    I am really happy and so is he...



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