To create the relationship you want, you have to know what you want. If you don't know what you want, how can you create it? When you find it difficult to know what you are looking for in a relationship, start with writing down what you don't want and change that in what you want. For example: I don't want a partner who is adultery. To know what you want you say:"I have a partner who I can trust".So create a list and if you want to share, feel free!

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  • okay so I found a man that is a 90% match. he is amazing and actually better than I could have asked for. issue is that while he loves me he does not want a romantic relationship with anyone.  so right now I am just asking for guidance from spirit and my inner-self on how to proceed. 

    I am love. I am light. I am worthy


    I am SUCH a big kid - or maybe teenager? - at heart.  

    The latest thing is that 

    • now after reading & laughing about evil furby boom toys, I want to buy one for myself & turn it "evil"!! But apparently they don't turn off easily so I'D probably get a little evil on ITS @ss & end up SMASHING the thing cos it won

    • n't stop! Plus they are pricey! Sounds kinda fun though.

    • I'm just WAY too fond of my inner child!! ;-)

    • But I also love theme parks, ice skating, swings, throwing & catching balloons, bubbles, laser tag, lasers, paint wars, video arcades (esp. table hockey/shufflepuck & the racing car games when you race each other!) 
    • So I want someone who is playful like me who shares my sense of fun & adventure.
    • I want him to be responsible in some ways too, of course, like faithful unless we have an agreed-upon open relationship - I don't CARE! but I DO care about him being open & honest with me (& kinda besotted with me!) 
    • if we have a monogamous relationship, I want him to be faithful to me, I want him to be actually a bit better with money than me, but I have a plan in place for this & I will get there, but generous too, (misers are SO BORING!) 
    • He has goals in life.  He knows how to keep himself safe.  I also love the idea of a guy who - not that I need it as I've always manifested my own safety - but when a guy has the illusion he could protect me if needed, it's actually quite sexy (must be a biological thing) or that he's tall or strong or knows martial arts or whatever but he is always kind & gentle to me.  And good to his family & friends.
    • But he is also a BIG KID JUST LIKE ME.
    • AND like I said because we are big kids who like to play - YES he is my PLAYMATE!
    • not just in bed like that kind of playmate (that too though!) but having fun even doing this big kid/teen type of stuff.  I even love miniatures, dollshouses.  Of COURSE I don't expect him to collect action toys or - if he collected Barbies I'd probably RUN! - or be into dolls houses & miniatures or obsess over toy trains ha ha 
    • But a big kid type - gorgeous adult one - who loves to have fun with me & oh maybe we can even jump in puddles together & I once jumped into a guy's arms with clothes on into the water and he caught me - it would be fun to do THAT again!
    • And maybe we can gatecrash the odd event or place.  
    • Playful & responsible in the ways that count.
    • Cos I LOVE to have FUN!
    • I want lots of romance & - I hope you don't mind my saying so but - lots of great sex & kissing & touching & all the rest but also lots of playfulness & FUN! 
  • My list is long but here is some of it:

    One of the most important things to me is that not ONLY is he a man of my dreams but I am a woman of HIS dreams!  That he's really happy with me.  Of course we have our OWN lives too but do you know what I mean?  

    He's funny AND he likes & gets MY sense of humor.  He GETS ME.  He can think I have my eccentric & quirky bits - and I do - but we love & adore each other.  He's faithful OR we have an AGREED upon open relationship.  I am happy with either (but NOT to be cheated on!) (But I'm NOT going to focus on what I DON'T want!) He lives in my city and close enough that it's quite easy to meet.  LOADS of common interests: esp karaoke, ice skating, walks outdoors, bike riding would be nice to bike ride together, theme parks -- oh why not.  Heck, let's throw in we do laser tag & paint wars together (obviously more likely in a group) He's intelligent & I'd prefer him to be educated - cos I have a degree and two diplomas.  He has a healthy lifestyle.  

    Smoking or drinking are not deal breakers but I'd prefer not.

    My age range is HUGE and because these days younger guys seem to sometimes like me I am going to say heh heh 

    (yes you may all be shocked now!) 

    23-45 inclusive.  

    He's straight, I don't care if he is bi ha ha but of course not gay DUH because we have an AMAZING sex life too that we both love.  He's a great kisser.  He's romantic & passionate & reliable & when I really need him, he's there for me. 

    Musical guys rock my world.  Singer, or drummer esp it could be just a hobby.  I want him healthy cos I want our relationship to go the distance & us to be able to do fun things together and we travel together & he loves travel & he's passionate about life & about me!

    He sees my value, he KNOWS he is bl""dy lucky to have an amazing woman like me & he shows it.  He's generous too.  He is energetic & loves to go out with me & do fun & romantic things including those I've mentioned.

    Plus if he loves reggae, rock, 80s music, we like some of the same songs.

    He's taller than me.  I don't care if it's a little or a lot.  

    He's ahem well endowed ;-) and he has a small & well rounded butt.

    He LOVES my body, he thinks I am beautiful.  And he's GORGEOUS - see the photos that is my type.  But he could also be Asian, or South East Asian or Middle Eastern or Hispanic or Red Indian or a mix but he has those things:

    Green eyes, full lips, high cheekbones (dimples are a plus!) and for some reason I noticed that I am really drawn to a wide forehead with a face that tapers? 

    Athletic or skinny even quite skinny is fine.  Huggable chest.  Pref smooth!  

    Open minded, tolerant, kind, loyal, his clothes suit him.  

    He can have a tattoo but not too many.  NOT on his face!

    Positive and into or at least open to LOA.

  • I'm probably going to add LOADS step by step or re-type some.  But I found these two photos last night ha ha and it was sort of like a Black version & White version of my dream man - I'll take either heh heh! 



    It's about SO much more than JUST looks for me, of course.  Though I want to change the Black guy's hairdo (ha ha typical woman, wanting to change the man!) I sometimes LIKE Afros, I think this guy needs MORE Afro and that would suit him better, but he is SO gorgeous all the same & if he was my boyfriend, I would happily run my fingers through that hair ha ha.  

    I will add more later and I look forward to meeting him! 

  • My man, my future husband loves me with a true, pure love. He loves to love me, he desires me, he adores me. He is a good man with good things going for him. He can cheer up a room the moment he walks in. He radiates with happiness and charm. He is always faithful. Once he is committed to someone, he stays true. He loves sex and he pleasures me any chance we get. He is adventurous in that he rides a motorcycle and he loves taking me for rides to little hole in the wall places off the beaten path where we enjoy each other's company more and more. We are bonded, we have chemistry, we fit together just right. He is a police officer or works in some form of law enforcement because I am attracted to the authority type with a gentle and compassionate side. He is handsome to me, and I am beautiful to me. He's so proud of me. He brags about me to his friends. He's so happy to have a woman like me because I treat him right and he appreciates that. He loves dogs, and kids too. We have a wonderful, mutually respective marriage together. And my girlfriends cannot believe how big the rock on my finger he got for me is! Dazzling!! We are so happy together that everyone knows we were destined to be together. 

  • Thats a fantastic list Amanda. I believe it will become reality.

    • me too!!! I'm claiming in the next 3 weeks! BOOM

  • he is available and looking for me

    tall 6'

    he is the sexiest man I have ever seen

    he is kind

    he is patient

    he is into health

    he makes things like fermented foods

    he has special water filters

    he is handy

    he makes things with wood and can build me a table or a headboard

    he connects to music with me

    he plays the guitar and sings to me and it is so sexy

    he is open to love and emotionally available

    he is spiritual minded

    he is open to jesus

    he is a spiritual hybrid like me

    he is tender with animals and children

    he is able to start a family with just me

    he is financially wise

    he is intelligent 

    he challenges me

    he teaches me

    he partners with me to accomplish something great

    he has edward cullen hair

    he is into crossfit and health

    he makes his own products

    he is a great cook

    he rubs my feet back head and scratches my back

    he has slow sexy movements

    he calms my soul

    he and I are best friends

    we talk for hours

    he loves music john mayer ect....

    he has a smooth fit body

    he is soulful and deep

    he lets me be me

    he is good with computers and techy

    we have the best sex ever

    we have electric chemistry in our bodies

    we are intuitive about eachother

    we just knew right away

    we have similar body structure and the way we do things

    he takes care of himself

    he is responsible 

    his eyes look like home to me

    he is familiar to me

    he has a soothing voice

    he is sexually explorative with me

    he likes to travel

    we go camping and hiking together

    he likes creating things with me

    we partner artisically together

    he is a good communicator

    he is honest

    he has integrity

    he is looking for me

    we have deep talks of the soul

    he knows me

    we have so much in common

    we have weird connections and serendipitous things that brought us together

    he is strong

    he makes me feel safe

    he is madly in love with me

    i am madly in love with him

    he likes art

    he reads

    he is so smart

    he is able to hold his own when we are out together

    he is doing great things with his life

    he is compassionate

    he is strong silent support

    he is tender

    he is adventurous 

    he pursues me

    he is considerate

    he takes care of things

    he is content

    he is a gardener

    we have the best first kiss ever

    he is playful with me

    we laugh together

    i love his hands and feet

    he dresses well but casual

    he is from the mountains woods area

    he gives me piggy backs on the beach

    he has  a spiritual practice

    he believes in co-creation

    my hands fit in his

    we fit together perfectly

    he is into plants

    we wear necklaces and crystals

    he drinks tea with me

    he partners with me to both do what we love and manage a house together

    he loves my friends

    he loves my family

    he is accepting of my journey

    we are close with his family and they love me

    he is a business owner

    he is independent

    we have nick names for eachother

    he enjoys life sober

    he is willing to do things for me

    he listens to what is important to me

    he loves that I have had experience and my wisdom

    he appreciates me 

    he respects women and their bodies

    he is sexually devoted to me

    he is moderate in all things

    he is verbally expressive about my body and sex

    we have soul compatibility

    we have earthly compatibility

    he is tender with me

    he has been through things and gets it

    he is a man...mature but playful with me

    he is dark haired

    he sings to me

    he is faithful to me

    he has an amazing smile

    he is totally in love with me 

    I am totally in love with him

    he compliments me

    love is everywhere I am full of love and beloved

  • I have written this out once already, and believe it me it works because he was sent to me, and then taken away. I then re-evaluated my list and realized there are certain things on my list from 1 1/2 years ago that really arent as important as I think that they are. For example: Blue eyes, blue eyes dont make a man, it is what you see when you look into his eyes. So, here is my updated revamped list:


    Beautiful eyes, perfect teeth, strong jaw line, darker hair, olive/tan skin, physically in shape, well groomed, knows how to dress. I am instantly attracted


    Educated, wise, loyal and honest. His focus is driven. He is financially sound. He has an amazing sense of humor and makes me laugh. He is understanding, compassionate, and emotionally available. He loves children, but does not desire any of his own DNA cocktail. He is strong willed, opinionated, and passionate about himself, about life, and about me. He is well traveled. He is always trying to strive to be a better person. He is giving, and volunteers his time. He understands the importance of helping the less fortunate. He enjoys food, cooking, and eating. Sports and working out are important to him. He understands and values the importance of independence and he trusts me. He respects me, as I him. We adore each other. The chemistry between us is indescribable and we know it the instant we see each other. 

    I know he is out there. I feel I just described the person who "left" me, but that is ok. These are all of the characteristics I want in a partner, and I know the universe will deliver before this year is done. I'm excited :)

  • My man is tall dark and handsome.  He has lived in my country and around the area of New England, NSW. My man is rich. My man understands my calling and contract. My man plays the guitar. My man is fun to be with. My man is highly respected. My man loves my kids. My man is spontaneous. My man is warm and intelligent. My man worked on his own stuff and got a degree and is a lawyer. My man is famous. My man is understanding. My man is forgiving. My man communicates with me. My man loves regae. My man looks into my eyes and shes himself. My man is proud of me. My man loves the ground I walk on and cherishes me and is loyal to me - but we are naught too. We have a wonderful relationship. We laugh and cry together. We are never a part. We travel and find new places to learn and love. We help the poor. We teach and heal. We are transparent to each other. We love each other. We love ourselves. We love our family. We are successful. We are loyal. We are one... He has brown and hazel green eyes. He is charming. He likes wine. He is a special friend. He loves fishing. He loves painting and making music. He is from New Zealand and teaches me about the Maori way of life. He is perfect... x

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