To create the relationship you want, you have to know what you want. If you don't know what you want, how can you create it? When you find it difficult to know what you are looking for in a relationship, start with writing down what you don't want and change that in what you want. For example: I don't want a partner who is adultery. To know what you want you say:"I have a partner who I can trust".So create a list and if you want to share, feel free!

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  • I want her to be loving, goofy, my best friend, funny, beautiful, healthy, tall, an optimist, someone who clicks with me, someone who understands me, someone I can be totally weird around, someone who would be weird around me, someone I can laugh with, someone who can go from goofy to sexy... I'll leave the physical stuff to the universe. ;)

  • HI Sheila, I Would Love To Ask A Question, COULD I ASK Could I Manifest A Gender Change And Become Female Partner Of Someone ?

  • Searching, loving and connected!

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  • someone who sets my mind on fire.

    gets me up in the middle of my sleep cycle for a crisis.

    Has dragged us beyond the confines of our comfort zones

    whose promises never quite manifest...  

    never gives me time to be disappointed with the lapse, because the new dream is better.

    Whose presence represents a lighthouse, a home flag, the northern star, and a cozy fire locked away from the storm.

    probably has more material resources than I do right now

    Likes cold climates.

    Enjoys my writing, my company.


    The other things...

  • Hallelujah! Woot and Amen! Let it be! Let it! 

  • He is kind,caring,trustworthy,spiritual.We are good friends.He is emotionally stable and we love each other.We want the same things out of life love,family.

  • Yes ... right on.  Believe-you me I was in the same boat.  I am still dealing with that nonsense.  For me, there was always the notion of the greatest love ... the "one" that can make me happy.  Then I met the one.  Instantly I went into fear of losing her, before actually getting her.  The LOA WORKS!!!! I got her into my life, but all the fears I had manifested a situation where I lost her a couple of times. 

    I won't go into how utterly painful that was for me.

    Now I am devoted to moving on.  I want to really get how I am a complete, perfect being in need of NOONE and NOTHING to make me happy.  I may not turn into some kind of saint, but I have been vibrating a much better energy from within.  I have even seen cute girls at work smiling at me ... who never ever did before. 

    From within ... without.... Get what the LOA teachers say. Neville is inspirational to listen to, so is Bob Proctor.  Once you are resonating happiness from within, you will forget all about that asshole with the shiney new 'vette and alligator shoes... or whatever your studly ideal is.   A real man, who isn't interested in the woman you "used to be" will come along and you can sweep each other off your feet.  Love is putting another person's heart above your own.  If you get that mutually with another person, you're doing something right.

  • Goddess Athena. etc..

    Wow, is all I can say.  Just ... wow.  Some tough love for you.

    First the tough part.  You need to work on yourself, in a BIG way.  You think a rich handsome man with a huge dick and a nice car, not quite a limo but that would be nice ... is gonna make you happy?  Let me know in 20 years from now how its working out.  You have learn some Law of Attraction basics.  Like, letting go of who and what you think you need to be happy and find out how to be happy and complete right now.  This isn't a Dr. Phil ego stroke forum, its about mastering the universe, its laws, and while you're at it, yourself, and getting what you want because you are the vibrational equivalent of it.  Get out there and exercise, lose some weight if that is your affliction, do healthy and fun things that make you feel confident and happy.  Take a kickboxing class, play some golf, forget about men. 

    Now for the love part.  You are, in truth, a complete, beautiful and boundlessly powerful being, beyond anything you can imagine.  Trust me on this.  The Hollywood notion of "you complete me" is such utter bullshit it makes me sick.  No one can complete that which is already perfect.  But your earthly ego/mind, etc. as great as it is, is not in on the illusion. 

    If you can BE the woman who has the life she wants, re the man, vocation, etc. you will reflect that to the physical universe and it will be yours... bu virtue of the fact that you already have and are perfection.

    If you continue to vibrate "I need such-and-such a man cos I deserve it and its my turn so I can finally be happy" you will remain where you are now. Listen to the old school masters and teachers of Law of Attraction ... like Bob Proctor, Neville Goddard, Earl Nightingale, etc .. along with modern teachers like Abraham Hicks, etc ... listen to them.  If your emotions are shitty .. then you are wrongfully aligned and will manifest what you don't want.  But to shift your emotions requires a shift within yourself... once you know that you ain't no princess ... which is a sickening notion that will chase any self-respecting man the fuck away from you, but that you are boundless and eternal love ... you will have that which you desire. 

    And ... maybe that guy won't have two nickels to rub together .. or maybe he's the Sultan of Brunei ... probably somewhere in between.  And he won;'t try to win you over by buying your affection, because he won;t want that .. but he probably will want to take you out for dinner .. because to him, you deserve it.

  • Changing the subject now to do wants:

    I want someone who goes out with me to fun places like clubs and the park and museums and the theatre.  He's gorgeous and witty and smart and very kind.  He looks after his body and he looks after his mind. He loves being with me and he gives me compliments.  We really click and get on well and have a lot of common interests and he's gorgeous and sexy. 

    In the meantime, I attract guys like this who take me on dates and have a wonderful love life before I meet him, when and after.  

  • Des, ha ha ha

    try going out on coffee dates and paying for your own damn coffee.

    Because you don't believe you are good enough to be spoiled.

    So you only attract broke people.

    And their idea of a date is watching TV with ya.

    Cos they can't afford to do anything else.

    So I'd like the opposite thanks.  It would be a VERY nice change after years of this!

    It's HIGH time I attracted a romantic handsome man with some cash for a change.

    I go for looks - plus all the inner qualities. Including compatibility, common interests. 

    But I'd love to change that so that I can actually HAVE the kind of love life I have been wanting most of my damn life.


    My God I want to be romanced so much.

    I don't care if you want a woman with a F cup.  

    I don't care what anyone else wants.

    I think you know we all want what we want and that's OK, ya know?

    My low self esteem has affected me I think in NOT attracted men with means.

    Because I have never thought I was good enough for a man like that.

    Not even means but what I am saying is my ex boyfriend talked about things like going to a theme park together 

    and you know I just haven't attracted men with the money enough and motivation to go out and DO things together.

    And yes it's very bad for my self esteem, it makes me wonder if I am so ugly he has to hide me ha ha ha.

    Although I know that's not true.  Usually they have just been broke and lazy.

    But I think I need to be even more getting out there myself to meet a guy like that.

    And find out why I am attracting this.

    I used to have a galpal who guys would give gifts to because they wanted to date her.


    it's MY turn now.

    It's MY turn to be treated like a princess.

    I have been taken for granted so much in my life and I am SICK of it.

    It's time to be treated like a princess.

    I'm not even asking for the limo of whatever - although that would be nice.

    But it's time I attracted romantic handsome lovely men or at least attracted them more often.

    You don;t know what it's been like.

    To hear your galpals say "Oh yes ALL my dates and boyfriends have paid for me when we went out" (for dinner etc) and then thinking "Well, they NEVER do for me." and thinking

    I must be uglier or I don't know like feeling like WHAT is WRONG with me, why don't I get this.

    And for my part it's only this year that when a guy took me on a coffee date, I stopped automatically reaching for my wallet and offering to pay.  For COFFEE.

    I have LOANED guys money before.  I have sometimes bought THEM things.

    Well, I think if I can manifest what I want why NOT a man who LOVES to spoil his woman for a change.

    There is a guy i am meant to meet but circumstances got in the way.  When he is broke he will not date because he wants to be able to take her out and treat her.  Because he wants to be a gentleman, he said.  If I did not like him or think I might like him, I would not CARE about the money at all.  I would never date a guy JUST for that.  This guy seems like he might be cute, he is lovely and witty and smart and kind - at least from the phone etc. - so I want to meet him.  There are other guys who might have money, I don't know and I don't care - but I am not physically attracted to them so I have no desire to date them.  

    Money's not enough but I have never felt like I deserved someone who had much of it, for some reason.

    SOME guys like this also treat women like gentlemen in other ways too, not all!

    But I am seeing a correlation.  It's not just about that it's about them having enough to pay THEIR share, even when we go out somewhere and to WANT to go out places and explore. 

    I don't see why the judgement and I don't think it's necessary or helpful, frankly.

    Just put down what you want to attract.

    Who CARES what some girls or guys want.

    What kind of woman, Des, do YOU want to attract?

    THAT is what the focus is on here. 

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