Affirmations to get soulmate


I have been single, feel like forever, more than 10 years.

 I am seeking soulmate/lover. I want to find good affirmations that I can say often when I am bored or when I'm free or can mediate or can say in my head or when driving or in public transportation

Im looking for good and sweet affirmations, something that soulmate is crazy about me, that he/she do anything for me and that I am the only number one person that he/she is crazy about me and can't stop thinking about me. Something that I am worthy and very special 

I like the affirmations

I have a soulmate and nothing can keep us apart 

I am more than lucky because I have a great soulmate and he/she is almost everything from the list (qualities/ personal traits)

My soulmate is crazy about me

My soulmate is very much in love with me

My soulmate is amazing and do anything for me

I am more than lucky because my soulmate is perfect

My soulmate is almost everything I list as qualities and personal traits

my soulmate loves to surprise me

My soulmate treats me like Im princess

I am more than enough to be what my soulmate is looking for (is it good?)

I deserve to be in love with soulmate (??)

My soulmate is amazing because we laugh all the times for no reasons and fall in love with each other, 


I have posted about affirmations (see the link below) but would like to hear your affirmations on seeking love. i like "I am more than enough" but can I say when i seek for love partner?

I also like the affirmations from the link below, saying that I have soulmate and nothing can keep us apart, etc.


What your affirmations when seeking love/partner, I would like to hear yours too as I can get ideas of what affirmations I can use daily. Maybe i'll use some of your affirmations if these are feeling good and sweet. :) 

Thanks and looking forward to see your replies/thoughts/opinions

Chloe E. 

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  • Hi Chloe

    I am new on here and I also want to attract a soulmate. These are some of the affirmations I will be using:

    • My soulmate loves me completely
    • I now attract my soul mate
    • My soul mate is getting attracted to me.
    • I am now attracting the most loving person in my life
    • My soul mate and I are being drawn together.
    • I love being with my soul mate
    • My heart is open to love.
    • I am attracting the perfect loving partner
    • I have more love than I ever thought possible
    • I naturally attract perfect relationships into my life
    • I am already connected deeply to my soul mate
    • I am in the right place at the right time to meet my soul mate
    • I let Universe guide me to my soul mate.
    • I release everything that is standing in the way of finding my soul mate.
    • I am now divinely irresistible to my soul mate.
    • I am attracting my perfect life partner right now.
    • I have now found the love of my life.
    • I am very grateful for all the love in my life.
    • I am so grateful now that I have attracted my soul mate.
    • I am so thankful for my love life.
    • I share my life with a perfect soul mate.
    • I have a partner who is deeply in love with me.
    • My partner is loving, kind and caring.
    • Love is my divine birthright, and I claim it now.

    Hopefully we can support each other in our search for the perfect match :)

  • I love it when my soulmate keep kissing my face all the times

    My soulmate is amazing because he compliments about me all the times to his friends and families

    are these good? 

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