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Everything could still work out for my Mr. Big and I.

My Mr. Big could still open his heart up to me.

Love will find me either way.

The universe is made of love!

Many men love.

Love is always available to me.

Love is everywhere and anywhere.

I embrace love.

I breath in love, and breath out love everyday.

Love is always in the air around me.

Everywhere I go, there is always love.

Men love and adore me.

I love and you love and they love.

There is no avoiding love!

I run into love everywhere I go.

I am loved.

I am really loved.

I am unconditionally loved.

I am abundantly loved.

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  • I will be love anywhere I go.

    People off the street love me.

    I am a great match to be loved by many men romantically.

    Men love me, they really do.

    Love is my friend and cohort in life.

    Love is my ally.

    People love people everywhere and I see it being exchanged generously.

    My friends love me.

    Whomever I will marry next will indeed love me.

    I am loved by a great many today and every day.

  • I like the spiritual law of getting in return what we give out. I give love, so therefore I am receiving love everyday.
  • So nice affirmations thought for the true power of love.
    Many thanks and feel the power of love around you always ...
  • I love this :)
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