Having trouble letting go :(

Hi PI family!!I am very new to this website, but not so much to the LOA. I have known about the LOA for almost 10 years now and I have been using it on and off.Now, I like this guy very much but it turns out that he is not 'quite there yet.' I really believe that he is the one. I do not want to force things, I do not want to be desperate and I just want to let go and let things take its course. Now the problem is, he keeps popping in my head all the time. Thinking about him doesn’t necessarily make me sad, but I need tips on how to let go. Help, please?!!Thanks and lots of love! :)

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  • Hey Igna,

    I am sorry this reply is coming late :(

    Thanks a lot for your words. This is helping me! 

    • Hi Eternal  just wondering how it's going.  I am in a similar situation with an ex.  The letting go was the worse bit but after 2 years I feel I have finally reached the "letting go" place.  I have written down what I would like in a partner and keep my vibrations as high as possible.  I also keep sending my ex love and happiness, I hope he is happy whether that's with me or not.  :D

  • I dunno, but here's my take on how I see what you're saying.  I think when it comes to unions of the heart, like attracts like.  It shouldn't be forced or coerced in anyway.  Instead of thinking of him, maybe try thinking of your standards, your values, and what you expect of a mate and how you expect to be treated, in a way that honors you, not in an angry or resentful way.  Just stay true to yourself, in your mind and the right attraction will come your way.  Try the switch technique so when he creeps up in your head, immediately flip the switch to YOUR ideal partner and how he would treat you

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