How I attracted my soulmate

Hi everyone! I’m going to tell my story because when I was in my process of attracting my soulmate, the stories about people who have done it inspired me so much. I apologize if my English is not perfect, but I’m learning :)I passed 4 years of my life in love with a man I thought was “the one”. He was my boyfriend but after 4 months of relationship we broke up and I was devastated, and even we were nothing, he never stopped calling me…and the thing became an awful sex relationship that destroyed my selfstime, and my whole life. Those were hard times, my friends got tired of supporting me, my family didn’t understand why I was so sad and I just keep crying every day and begging him to love me.When I saw the secret, I thought It was the perfect way to bring him back. So, I started to love myself and recovering everything I’ve lost, visualizing and doing everything I could. But nothing happened with him. Three months after this, he got a new girlfriend and forgot about me. But this time, I’ve recovered enough to start thinking maybe he was not the one, and I started a process to forget him. The first step was forgiving, not just him, but me. This was so hard, but at the end I felt something I’ve forgotten it existed: freedom. So, after this a real great thing happened to me, I met God. And He started to gave me all the love I always wanted, I started to improve me in a spiritual way and my life changed because I understood that even if I wanted anything with all of my mind, it will never arrive if it is not good enough for me. Universe is that perfect. Bad Things arrive to us just because there is something else we have to learn and it wont go away if we keep on an idea that will get us down later.So, at that time loneliness was the problem, because I felt so prepared to a new relationship but anyone paid me any attention. ANYONE. So sadness started to come again, but God was there to give me strength, and, when I was on the edge…guess what. My ex boyfriend appeared again and he had totally changed. He told me everything I ever wanted to hear and I was happy, but, there is when we have to listen our hearts and bodies: I got terribly sick and when I improved there was a feeling of distrust, he was everything I’ve wanted but deep down there was something that didn’t let me feel free to love him, like I’ve wished. One day, I asked him if we were in a serious relationship. He told me no. He explained me that even he loved me, he couldn’t stay with me in that way because he was so afraid, he didn’t want to hurt himself or me and a nonsense about he didn’t have a soul to give me. So, one more time I was sad, and I felt my hope was killed. Months of self improvement didn’t have worked because I was sad an alone again. But (you know coincidences doesn’t exist) the same day he told me those things, my psychologist called me just to know how I was doing, and as I was crying to the point I couldn’t speak, he made me an appointment to the next day. He works with NLP and pranic healing, and in one therapy (hard to believe) I was happy again. I understood all my lessons, he changed and cleaned my chakras and energy, and I really felt I was me again. That day my ex told me to go to is house, but with a great sensation I could say no and stayed at home. It was Friday.Suddenly, I received a call from and old friend I’ve not seen for a long time, and he was inviting me to a birthday of one of his friends, who was friend of mine too, and even I didn’t wanted to go out that night, I said yes. This friend, the one who was on birthday, was my friend for a long time when I was sad because of my ex, because he was in the same situation with his girlfriend, but one day he went back with her and we stopped talking each other for aprox 2 years, until that Friday. So, that day we were really happy to see each other again, we talked about our lives and for apparently no reason we kissed. The rest are just details, the only thing you need to know is that now we are so in love an after all this suffering we can consider extremely happy at last, because he had a sad story with her ex girlfriend too, but as same as me, he forgive her and let her go, just to find me and be in peace again.The thing is, you NEVER, NEVER give up. I had times when loneliness really consumed me, when I toguht he will never come to me, but the only reason it was not happening was that I still have to learn lessons, and most important: Heal my heart, because now I have a new heart complete to give to my boyfriend, he deserves the best of me an I can tell all the waiting was worth it, he is just perfect.Don’t let yourselves loose the hope, and don’t listen anyone but your own hearts. Learn and enjoy the process, the more you enjoy, the more you’ll attract love and faster you’ll see it materializing. And NEVER FORGET GOD. He is the only one who can give you strength and understanding, rest in His love while you wait, It will make it so much better.I wish you find him/her soon, every night I pray for you to get what you want and deserveLove xoxo

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  • GOD?
    GOD got nothing to do with this LOA,
    and guess who is the GOD or UNIVERSE,
  • this is a wonderful story, thank you for sharing (:
  • Dear Ana ,

    I am so grateful that your story crossed my road . First Thank you for sharing !!!!
    Be blessed with love and light !!!

    I so want to share with you how you came to me .
    The story is long but I so wish it will contribute in inspiring others on how powerful , precise and amazing the universe is

    Tonight I went on google and type the following words : " pranic Healing on soulmates "
    and here you are !!!

    Your story is the answer I was looking for . I asked and I received . I enjoyed each words your wrote
    As I know God is always communicating with us , maybe not the way we expect it but for the one who learned to hear , to see and really listen , his/her message is in the next song , the next movie , the next person you meet , the words on an advt ....everywhere as soon as u are ALLOWING TO COME TO YOU .
    I asked God to give me an answer to my pains , to show me the light , to tell me it is possible

    Here is my story ...i mean an episode of it lollll

    Since a young age , I felt connected to energy and spent the past 20 + years searching searching , questioning
    and believing that yes life was magical and was happening like in movies or fairy tales
    One day , I walked on the street after school , saw an advt on a window and 3 days later left to Israel . I never had the desire to go there but something told me to do so i did and what I get to experiment there was just like in a movie
    it was simply magical ...i started to remember why I was here on earth .. the journey is about remembering what we already know because the soul knows

    Years later I again took my camping bag and went to the states ...travelled around the west coast and end up on the east coast in NYC
    The messages of Neale Donald walsh , eckart tolle , marianne williamson , Deepak chopra , Tony robbins , wayne dyer , esther hicks ....and so many crossed my path ...
    I had some knowledge but I had stories and excuses to not BE DO HAVE in life and allow my ego to take over
    not alllowing my soul to speak and look for answers everywhere else than within myself , the only place where I will ever find what I m looking for .

    This is a few elements that we both share :

    1 - YOUR STORY WAS POSTED ON DECEMBER 22 2008 = my departure day

    2 - soulmate

    3 - pranic healing

    4 - hurt , sadness

    5 - the secret , God , faith

    After being single for many years , discovering the secret and finally being in peace with myself girlfriends made me realize that I could be dating ...
    Honestly it was not in my plans , my past experiences left me with so much pains that I had really no desire to go there again ..+ i had no clue of " HOW " to date .

    One day , My friends and I brought , boards, magazines , scissors, glue, glitters and pencils ...
    We made a circle and started to go through magazines to create our vision boards
    i found pix representing my perfect house , my dream career , the 2 locations where i would love to have houses NY and miami ect ....
    but when it came to find a pix that represent the perfect man I simply could not find one .

    I took my vision board home , went on my computer and look through my files of images ( I work in the fashion and entertainment world and collect a lot of images )
    One pix crossed my eyes right away . it was a pix of this actor took during the making of a movie .
    on the image , This beautiful man was standing on a boat , no shirt on , long shorts and a cell phone in his hand
    He was tall , lean , tan . In the movie , the actor plays a guy who is simple , kind , love the nature and especially the ocean
    dive , drive a truck , have a girlfriend ...and dream of having abundance to give all he can to his girlfriend .
    So I printed the pix and fold the paper to hide a part of his head way to say I want someone who looks like him

    My girlfriends strongly suggested that I try online dating ...I was so so resistant and really didnt like the idea of meeting someone this way ...
    anyway I did it and within 2 days received more than 500 emails ....and the first one I talked to , we connected so well that we could not stop IM each other , He was so lovely and for some reasons gave me a big smile all the time .

    We started to talk to each other and became really excited about meeting in person
    One day he went fishing with his friends ( a couple ) and end up with a sunburn on his stomach
    so to show it to me he took a pix of himself with his cellphone .
    This was the first pix i got to see that was not a head shoot and guess what ????

    I so promise its true ,
    The pix he took of himself was him on a boat , no shirt , cell phone in his hand and he cropped his head just like i had cropped the one of the actor on my vision board pix Crazy !!!!
    he was tan , tall , lean and no kidding had the same body than the actor eyes .

    I then put the two together , the pix on my board and his pix ..I was like this is a sign !!!!!

    This is where he gets tricky ...
    in the movie , the grilfriend looks like me and her name is similar to mine
    the kind of girl she plays is the kind of girl I am

    In the movie , The actor name is J... , he goes meet with his best friend who has a girlfriend
    and the 4 go hangout on the boat follow me , my boy is on a boat with his best friend and teh best friend girlfriend

    We finally meet and it is so so magical , it was already love at first sound but then it turns into love at first sight ..
    we start dating and all is fantastic , he is telling me how much he loves me , how he knows in his heart i am the one for him
    the one he want to spend the rest of his life with , that he wants to marry me , you have my heart and soul ect ect
    he was calling me and txt me all day , we used to fall asleep on the phone ...All I ever wanted , he loves animals , love the ocean , go fishing and diving , do photography ..all was just so perfect and he was from a good familly who had the same values and integrity than mine , same heritage ect

    I felt so good until one day he disappeared , we didnt live in the same states , he was in miami , I was in NY
    he didnt respond to my calls , emails txt ..I just didnt know what to do or think , I got scared , forgot all I knew and went right back into my old self

    My heart was broken ..weeks later , when he finally came back into my life , things were not exactly the same
    I knew he was going through a drastic career change but never in million years I though that he could put me on the side and disappear ...

    I went through many other personal pains at this period of time and was waiting for the holidays to flight to Miami and spend time with him . Just before leaving i received a book from The pranic healing center , a place where i was going since a few months ...This book was a gift from one of the healer and about a week before leaving I was telling my bf about how I received the book and how excited i was to show it to him ...i DIDNT know that it would have been our last conversation before the breakup

    On DECEMBER 22 , I LEFT to Miami .
    For some crazy reason when i double check my reservation on line , my ticket was scheduled for a departure on dec 22
    and a return for DEC 22 nd ...insane !!!!
    I knew that I had purchased a ticket from DEC 22 to january 31st so how was this possible !!!!

    Well it was maybe a sign that was telling me not to go because what i experimented from there was pretty scary
    I asked to meet my soulmate and i believe I did . Looking at him was like looking at myself .
    so so many elements on top of this image on my vision board was telling my heart YES but something deep down inside was not ok

    Just like you Ana , I went through pain and more pain heavy sadness that my friends and family didnt know what to do ...when i though I knew how to fly , the wind keep pushing me around until I crashed on the ground .
    so what did I had to get this time that i didnt get ?
    who did I get to be ?
    I passed on many details if not i will end up to write a book lolll

    We broke up , stayed friends somehow , the story end up in such sad way ...the lovely person turned into an angry victim
    who blamed me , accused me of being a liar then one day became so cruel that he screamed on the phone
    I dont love you ...I dont love you and end up telling me that i had issues .

    The truth is I still had fears and this is what I attracted .
    YES I wanted to have a man like him
    Yes I wanted to be loved but NO I still didnt know how to receive
    so YES I attracted what we call a painful experience because YES I love surprises
    in life and I want more of the IMPOSSIBLE
    Because a part of me sometimes feel not enough and not worth it so I keep attracting it

    YES I still let my ego talk
    I though I had let go but the pain is still in my heart ....

    I got to ask GOD

    First I was bored one night and looking for a movie to watch on line
    and guess what ?
    the only one that on the page with no pix and a long sum up of the movie
    was the movie where teh pix of my vision board was from
    I saw that movie 10 times but for some reasons never EVER paid attention to the names
    the 2 actors have in the movie ...
    The Actor name in the movie was J... and my bf was also J...
    I so freaked out , this was insane
    not only he looked like him , was on the same location but he now had the same name
    and she and i look like , and her name and mine are similar
    The only difference is they are in love and he doesnt disappear

    SO weeks later I asked GOD AGAIN to give me a sign

    I did and here your story appeared to me to remind me that all is possible
    that yes the law of attraction is a reality
    that yes the universe creates things in perfection
    that yes our pain can become our joy if we allow
    that yes i enjoy the process because the process is about this gift of discovering
    any problems you ask for is because you are looking for its gift , the gift to turn the impossible in POSSIBLE
    we are like children and we love to open gifts !!!!

    I learned so much about myself and what I am looking for right now is a test to my own commitment
    if we are meant to be then it will be , if not I know someone else will come into my life
    is he a soulmate ? for sure no doubt . But This is not just about me , we both came into each other life for
    a purpose , the purpose that all relationship are here for , TO GROW
    it is about the journey not the destiny ..that we end up married with 2 kids is never the goal
    it is never why relationship were designed for ( dont get me wrong here , being married is a wonderful experience )
    what I am saying is when we think we being punished , when we see ourself as the victim of another ,we simply forget
    that the other came into our life to remind us that there is one particular area about ourself that we need to " correct '

    Do I need to doubt the process , ofcourse not but I guess the waiting is what create
    the pain to continue because it is the greatest opportunity to grow faster
    the secret is to believe , to vibrate and to allow to receive . one condition only
    all must be in allignment because our thoughts and words are powerful

    Anyway as soon as there is more to the story i will keep you posted and I promised they will
    arent we all the directors of our life ? and dont we all love our own creation ? especially when through the process
    we are getting more and more awake and that things really start to happen as if we had a magic wing lolll

    I hope all of you readers willl enjoy those words ...


    S ,
    • hi! wow you've been trough a lot!!!
      I think one thing that could help you is...listen to your heart. Is so simple, and maybe that's why we never pay attention. But when it comes to this things of know if he really is the one, heart knows better.
      Be honest with yourself.
      and, if you or anyone wants to talk to me I'll be honored.
      Ana B.V.
  • My story is a lot like yours :)

    I now have someone who really loves me, cares for me, and who I can laugh with. We're really in love. It's great.

    I loved your sentence that when something is bad for you, even if you want it with all of your heart, you won't get it. I agree.
  • Wow this is so profound!!! I love your message it is a great lesson for me... thanks
  • That was a beautiful story, it gives hope when hope seems lost! Thank you
    • I can relate to your story! been in your shoes! thank you! I have much to look forward to! Thank you for your post! LOVE AND LIGHT! ,,,,,,Tony
  • wow...your story has made me cry....i am on the journey myself...and thank you so much for sharing to stick close to god because HE does help us so much doesnt he? i totally agree on the point of forgiving the ex and yourself as well.
    ive done that too. i have realized a healing path in my life for the past 9 years...alot has needed to be done....its been hard work, but so worth it, yanno? just today i was feeling that sadness and loneliness you spoke of and i KNOW that in those moments god is surely with me even if i cant feel him....and yes, there are no accidents...your story came unto my path right when i needed it! god is good.
    btw,your english was just fine!
    thanks again for sharing your story...truly inspiring!!
    much love,
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