How many people want their exes back?

Just wondering. I see a lot of posts about people wanting their ex back. I saw one of my exes recently (we're friends on Facebook too), but every time I see him, I am reminded as to why he's an ex. He's kind of a woe is me type. I tired to share the Secret with him, but he was too skeptical. Oh well....

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  • I ONLY want him back if HE actually WANTS me back but there are things in the way like our fears for e.g.that can be overcome but I almost have the opposite problem -signs of compettion? Sometimes I turn & run. If he's still attracted? I want him back. If he's over me then he can STAY gone.
    I don't know either way for sure.
    Couldn't even call him an ex yet too short! If he said I don't like you anymore I'd force myself to move on but if he still likes me then I'd LOVE to have him back he's been a jerk in some ways though in other ways amazing but if he was willing ready & able to change those things & if he still likes me then YES PLEASE but if he isn't or doesn't NEXT! Universe please bring me him OR someone better!
  • I don't know about want, but I do still think of him.

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    • Hi, you mean your soulmate would brung you great annoyance and disharmony? I'm right in the midst of this kind of mess with my gf who I think she is the one I wanna spend the rest of my life with. But we always have fights and argues and I am sick of this already. Why Abe Hicks said so? I'd be grateful if you could roughly explain about this. Thanks a lot!

    • I've read a lot about soulmates & twin flames recently and I THINK I can relate to this.  I THINK I met someone whom I have a karmic relationship with whether soulmate or twin flame I don't know EXCEPT I get things remind me about him daily & last time I saw him HE had a pimple & dry skin now I do and I haven't had either for years I certainly haven't had dry flaky skin for years!  And our faces did not touch.  So it's like even a physical mirroring.  But also while part of me was REALLY wanting him back and it's hard not to compare every guy to him & go I want HIM BECAUSE he's my type (and by the way there is a bit of a physical resemblance not strong but it is there) and BECAUSE there are so many common interests and YES some of our issues are identical but he was the most unreliable guy & Iit was like being on a roller coaster!  Been reflecting on this today & going NO I DONT' want you back!

      ALSO that whole karmic relationship thing we have a CHOICE some say as to whether to continue the relationship.  I am choosing NO. 

      I have learned SO much from him about myself about relationships - another reason I think this IS a karmic relationship and I wasn't even sure I believed in such a thing before we met!  Still not ENTIRELY sure but ALSO how COME when he called me and he very rarely calls & it was a different number did I KNOW that it was him when the phone rang that time?  

      But learning about myself and what i need to work on especially but not only in relationships was painful like flying followed by drowning!  I am taking a break!  It makes me feel like I am not sure if I am

      READY for a relationship for about a YEAR!  I want to date yes though.  :-) 

      Which is NOT to say that EVERYONE should decide no, it is up to YOU. 

      It was like someone holding up a mirror to my darkness or a spotlight!  And I wonder if i did it to him.  I dreamed about him several times and I FEEL like there is a bond.  

      I want to add something by the way, if you want an ex back try to focus on the positive memories on how it will feel and so on, it's all too easy to wallow in the pain of the loss or of the hurt they caused or we caused ourselves.  I DID start to attract him back , you know but then I lost faith & hope & he'd vibrate away.

      I don't WANT him back now.

      Part of me does.  

      He is the closest match to my dream man ever - SO FAR

      And i feel that I will bump into him again.

      And I feel that on some level he DOES still have deep feelings for me.

      But for now I am getting OFF this roller coaster ride!

      Having said all THAT be grateful for them because I am SURE that like me you have learned a LOT from your ex.  (Be grateful for them while trying not to KILL them ha ha!) 

      I wonder what would happen if you told you story backwards scene by scene starting at the painful end and ending with the happy beginning where you first met or whatever is your happiest scene?  I am doing that now end to start for me - like The Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind movie and I am seeing for ME I don't WANT him back but then again, I'm not up to all the really happy bits yet, I am seeing the ups & downs but even SO some of this is raising my vibration, reminding me also of some of the happier parts.  

      I may then rewrite the story with ONLY the happy parts and see if Universe can bring me him or someone even better. 

      Just raving on, don't mind me.


    • By this definition, your "Soulmate" would bring terrific passion. Love and hate are often one; they are the opposite of indifference. This is a wonderful thing, because it can drive your life to heights you would never reach, though sometimes it will do so by getting you thrown out on your ear and burning the house down!

      If you're going to live with this woman, you'll need to have some part away from these extremes. A yin to the yang of togetherness. Perhaps your job, or your hobbies, or - possibly- both! Not because you don't love her, but because, if you want to stay in the marathon, you're going to have to rest. And there's no marathon longer than, "Till death do us part."

  • Ok I believe my love and I are soul mates. It was love at first sight for me and I have never stoped loving him i am 57. WE get togehter then loose each other for different reason but something always brings us back and under unusaul circumstances, we just broke up for the third time after a 27 yr absense but picked up right where we left off I am more convinced than ever that we belong togeher, Everyone was on the same wave lenght finished each others sentences etc, except we are both married to other people, but I was ready to leave my marraiage and basically have he got cold feet, but I still feel we will make it.

  • that's true..

  • If you believe in soul-mates or twin-flames, you should know that no matter what circumstances are in your life, if it's meant to be, he will come back to you :)

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