How to attract Commitment

Hey guys, I know that this topic has probably come up time and time again- so I apologise!

I've done a bit of soul searching recently  and have come to the conclusion that I have never expected relationships to last, nor have I actually believed deep down that I would stay in a long term relationship. Recently the man of my dreams told me he didn't feel the same anymore  which made this belief even ingrained that belief (I know I pushed him away with my old negativity)

For a long time I have been surrounded by people who have been in messed up relationships, cheaters, liars etc etc- its not until I moved back home recently to live with my parents that I have been in contact with people who are in loving and easy long term committed relationships- (my parents have been together nearly 40 years and I would love to achieve what they have one day) 

So how do I go from seeing the sort of relationship I want, to really knowing that I can have it??... I have done the vision boards so I can picture it- But I think it needs to  go deeper than that now... for the first time last night I realised that I've never felt worthy of a long term partner- even though I know I have a lot of qualities a man would be after.... I've always had men that walk away so I guess I came to expect it... How can I go to believing that a man would commit and come on life's journey with me.

I would really appreciate some help- I've come a long way in changing my limiting beliefs.. but this one of worthiness keeps on coming back to haunt me. 

Thanks so much :) :)

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  • I need to do this a lot more esp now but this is something that helped me
    And I recently started to move towards a relationship with MY dream man & think my beliefs might have jinxed it! I want to change my beliefs!
    I was at a Tony Robbins seminar this is his technique using my belief:
    I stood up, held my nose and said "My limiting belief is my relationships never last"
    Let go of my nose and with conviction stamped my foot and said "That is such a load of bullsh#!!
    My reality is my relationships last as long as I want them to!"
    We repeated this several times getting a bit faster.
    Well it DID become my reality.
    I DID get a divorce HOWEVER I initiated it and we were married 10 years. We'd broken up as boyfriend and girlfriend at the time I did this process.
  • Thank you so much, really appreciate your response and I will read your full post on Desire...


    I feel like  i'm still missing something... how do  YOU ATTRACT COMMITMENT BY 'BECOMMING COMMITMENT'???


    I guess you mean committing to ourselves, do you have any examples of this?

    thanks soo much! :)

  • Thank You Mystery!! You explained so beautifully! When you truly love another without conditions and true acceptance-- as God does everyone-- miracles happen!!

    Much Love and Blessings to All!! :)


  • Hello SunnySide,

    This is exactly why you need to read all the post on the Object Of Desire discussion in the I Deserve Love Group....BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT AND WHAT IT'S FOR!!! This is why it is one of the only post I have in that group...because with everyone I have ever helped in 'relationships' (including myself) the root of the issue is always someone in that relationship has poor self esteem and a severe lack of self worth! 

    Unconditional Love is Pure Unresisted Appreciation

    Real love is selfless and free from fear. When you love from a place of freedom, you feel pure unresisted appreciation towards the person. True love is unconditional without demand for return. Its joy is in the joy of giving. Love is God in manifestation, and the strongest magnetic force in the universe. Pure, unselfish love draws to itself its own. It doesn’t need to seek or demand. Almost none has the faintest idea of real love. People are selfish, harmful or fearful in their affections, thereby losing the thing they love.

    You may think you love a person so much to the point that how could you not need that person’s love back? You might think that if the universe brought someone else, that person could never be as good as the one you currently love. But the equivalent means equal or better than. It would never be less. If you give a perfect love, you will never get anything less than your heart’s deepest desire and fullest satisfaction. If there really is no one better, then you would get him or her. So love fearlessly and freely.

    The Difference between “Desire” and “Need” in Love: We all have the need to love, and the need to be loved. The desire can be specific, but the need should be general. We may desire to love a specific person but it should not become a need. We may desire to be loved by a specific person but it should not become a need. Strong desire is fine, but a need creates an attachment whereby you are stuck in keeping your expression of love only towards one person, or only expecting love from one person. If the person you love, loves you in return, then that is a wonderful match. Otherwise be free to allow the universe to continue to bring you a vibrational match.


    The Mystery...Within...

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  • Good Day!!

    Let me first say, YOU ARE WORTHY!! :) As human beings, we all desire a deep soulful and heartfelt connection to someone. It has been my experience, that some people have a problem showing their vulnerability and their humanness. Deep down some people are afraid that they won't be accepted, appreciated or respected for who they are as humans. No one is perfect, everyone makes mistakes and that is what makes us all wonderful!! Acceptance, appreciation and respect of yourself is first. When you learn to do all of that then true love walks in. Also, get busy with your life--do things that make you truly happy. Finally, surrender to the powers that be. Let God handle it--give it over to Him and watch miracles happen!

    I hope this helps!!

    Many Blessings!

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