i need your help!!

hi all

i simply need your help! are 10 years that i keep attracting wrong men..but i mean totaly wrong men..i tried to focus more on a normal type of guy that i want..but it still doesnt works..what should i do more?? :((((( i want to start to attract a nice guy that can love me and maybe share his future with me..i am tired of getting involved in useless relationships and stuff..

thank you all for your answers


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  • hi Mystery

    :) thank you so much for your words..yes i started to forgive all these adventures i had ..and i thanked to all of them for their lessons..because now looking back i realise that every single guy i meet gived me a lesson..or better said..unblocked a fear that i had..i had two tentative of sexual abuse..with really changed my point of view regarding men..plus my mother who also had bad experience with me..gived me a lot of negativity and feed me with millions of fears..now i am trying to clean myself of them..and i realise that every single man i meet till now..helped me to overcome a fear or a block..inclusive the last guy ..now..i am feeling free of loving totaly a man and of beeing loved as i am and as i deserve to be..

    as you suggested i made my perfect mate portrait and i am thinking of this..every evening before i sleep and every morning before i wake up..i feel his arms arround me in bed wishing me good morning..i feel his parfume next to me and i feel his love..is like living in a bubble..beeing inlove with someone u havent met yet :) but is working because makes me feel happy ..

    i dont know if it has a connection..but last night i had a dream..so so romantic..i was in a white restaurant at a rounded table..white..with food on it..and next to me was my first love (he died in a car accident at the age of 22) and he was cuddling my hand telling me he feels my pain of not finding someone..and suddenly he transformed into another man..that cuddled me and looked at me with love and said..time will bring us together..you belong to me..wait for me and we will be forever happy..i felt so happy and calm..i was enjoying every single second with him..and i was amazed thinking ..waw is this happens to me?..when i waked up..i had a strange sensation..like he was for real next to me..so i searched him in my bed ..what a fantastic experience! .....but i guess afterall was Universe;s answer to my wish :)

    let-s wait and see :)

    warm regards from Rome
    • Yo are so welcome sweetheart!! THE DREAM YOU HAD IS AWESOME AND A STRONG INDICATION THAT YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK!!!! It is called a a 'sign' that you are truly generating the 'feelings' and emotions that are neccessary in manifesting what it is you desire!!! So stick to it!!! You'll be amazed at the results if you find joy in doing it and have fun knowing it is now a reality!!! Some more things you can do to help speed along your manifestation:

      1-cut out a pic of the face of the type of man you want to manifest...enlarge it and tape it to the pillow next to you when you sleep.

      2-get some really good cologne that you like on a man and spray some on the pillow and other side of the bed that you want him to sleep on.

      3-sleep only on 'your' side of the bed and put a pillow behind you and pretend it's him layin next to you.

      4-say goodnight to and kiss the photo before going to sleep.

      5-say goodmorning to and kiss the photo when you get up.

      6-start making space in your home for him
      a) set out an extra place mat at your dinner table
      b) park on one side of your garage to make room for 'his' car
      c) make space in your bathroom and closet and medicine cabinet


      Also for some other tips to help you with your healing process for a more confident and positive image check out my discussion here in this group...'OBJECT OF DESIRE' and read all the post there

      I know this will help. Thanks for the friend request....it is my pleasure.
      remember....you are beautiful....you are powerful.....you are love....and love is the greatest force of all !!!! It is another name for 'law'......you are amazing......embrace your love for you and love and bless all and unlock the magic....

      Blessings and Love,
      The Mystery.....Within....
  • I must say sweetheart....I AGREE WITH WHAT SEAN AND EVERYONE HERE IS SAYING!! I would advise you to send out an e-mail to evryone here in this forum and all of your friendsa about the type of man you desire in detail!!! Stop saying what you have gotten and start saying and affirming what you deisire!!! You have to change your mind set about men.....You're meeting men so that is a good thing.....'stop looking for flaws with the men you are meeting and look at their strong and positive points!!! A good way to heal this is to look back at all the men you have been with and dated and pick 5 things about each guy that you liked and or enjoyed and were grateful for......no matter how trivial or small.....and then bless and release them and learn from it and start creating your new man on paper and with pictures and look at it first thing in the morning and once before going to bed at night and know that he is out there waiting to meet you today!!!

    Blessings and love
  • Hi Alina, how are you? I am pleased to hear from you. You truly deserve love and a real nice guy. Better late than never, and thanks for seeking advice. What do you really want in a guy? There are times when it blows you off if you don't get what you wish for. I cannot say for my self as a guy or speak too much but i do act on love and want to get that kind of good relationship. I think we just need to speak more. you can call me on 0023233246994
    ok for now,
    bye andy
  • :) Thank you Sandy...

    infact i decided to thank to God for all these wrong men i meet..because by looking in eveyr single bad relationship i had i realised that they teached me more the " what i dont want" lesson and get me ready straight for the next level :) wich is "what i want "..these days i am planning a total change..i feel like in the spring time when is need to throw the bad things to make space for the good things in your way..because i already feel good vibrations from this 2010 :) sooo i am going towards it!
    so i shall say this..

    thank you 2010 for the warm and honest love you have send it to me..i can feel it every single moment when i wake up and see him next to me...

    thank you 2010 for giving me straight to move into another city that gaved me more freedom ..

    thank you 2010 for the nice house i have and for my red roses...
    and ............

    thank you 2010 for the nice family i have and for the baby i hold in my arms...!

    and now.................


    the 2010 ALI :)
  • Hi Ali , please stop saying " I keep attracting wrong men" from this moment . If you continue to say this, you would still be attracting those wrong men. You could start by making a list of the type of guy you want , be as specific as possible . Then believe he is out there and also looking to find you. Start living your life as if he is already present in it . Feel the love you want to feel when he is in your life .. Then don't worry about it . Just believe you will find each other when the timing is right . You don't have to worry how/when etc. It will just happen as the universe will take care of everything :) Goodluck !!
  • First off, let go of the resentment of the "Wrong Men" ok maybe its aggarvation r something else. But let it go and be thankful for those experiences because it taught you what you don't want, now you know what you do want, so be thankful.
    Now make sure you have you life ready for Mr. Right as if he were already in it, is there anything in your life right now that would prevent a good relationship him?
    Like in the movie and the book, make room for him, dresser drawers, closet space, drive-way or garage space, room in your bed, etc..
    This part seem weird, but it does work; tell him goodnight, every night. Talk to him even though he may not be in your presence he does exist and expand on that.
    Let me know how that works Ali.
    Love and Light
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