I want to message someone, but I'm afraid.

I've been seeing this guy's ad online and have been thinking about messaging him. I got this feeling like he is looking for me. But I've been holding off on it because I'm worried. I've started to analyze things, like that he's posted so little information about himself, and remembering about every time in the past that I've had hopes about someone who later disappointed me, and it's sabotaging my thinking. I'm worried about my mental blocks, baggage and low vibrations messing things up. I'm even worried about meeting him and being in a bad mood and not liking him. I feel like I shouldn't act at all until I've raised my vibration. I'm trying to tell myself that I need to have faith and believe, and that I need to try. And maybe if I don't act, I will lose any opportunity that I had. I know I could meditate or do EFT. But I'm hoping that encouraging words can also give me a boost. And I wonder if anyone else has also been actually afraid of meeting someone, while also wanting it to happen?

Thanks in advance for any and all feedback. :)

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  • It's been a while so I don't even know if you'll see this reply but here goes:

    OK perhaps this:

    Create a sort of "throw away" email address to contact him with and ONLY contact him through that (he needs to have a phone with email on it though but many people have this now.)

    I did this for a guy from the past once, unfortunately google still brings up the email address when I go to log in to google mail, but I deleted the email account and so now that guy can't contact me.  So start an email address just for him.

    It sort of goes without saying but meet him somewhere in PUBLIC like a coffee shop for example.

    Find some ways to raise your vibe before you contact him but perhaps contact him with the attitude of OK I'm just giving this a go, whether he replies or not, yay me for being brave enough to give it a go.  

    I can relate a whole lot in a way, I am on a one year man-break (just over halfway through it, though technically it's really more a one year online dating and singles groups break - if I got chatting to a cute guy who seemed nice & he gave me his number for e.g. I probably WOULD go on a date with him.)  Anyway, part of me is pretty unsure about whether I feel brave enough to put my toe back in the water after the break is done, late April.  But then, I tell myself, that's late April's decision I don't need to decide now.  

    Not sure if you'll see this but....oh and tell yourself about the boats, Abraham Hicks says you worry you've missed the boat but we say you can't there's another boat and another boat and another boat...boats, boats, boats, baby! 

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