I am trying hard to attract my soul mate, and I would like to learn more from people who have successfully attracted their partner. I have a really specific ideal of the type of man that I want. 


I just like to read other success stories to help motivate me to stay on track. 



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  • Thank you - I am where you were months ago. I am I'm tired of being lonely too. I wrote down EXACTY what I wanted, and I am waiting patiently for my mate. 


    I ike how you were patient, even though at first it was diffucut for you. At least I know now that with LOA it can be done.  My famiy and friends state the type of guy that I want, "does not exist, or is out of my league".  But I will not et those comments distract me. I just keep focused.





  • thank you - I wrote down the type of guy I want.  I think I am going to do like you and just enjoy being single and eventualy he wil turn up. :)

  • I attracted my soulmate after years of years of years of trying to attract someone i wanted to be my soulmate.
    I remember writing something down for my self and my subconscious to understand after waiting for just to long without anything happening and just feeling lonely :

    Dear me, I want to be able to attaract good guys from now on that will show me what love really is. That will be good to me in every possible way and that will teach me everything i need to know for when the time comes to meet the one.

    What happend next is very strange but beautifull at the same time. I simply gave up the idea of wanting someone spesific and started to notice this guy at work. I was drawn to him in the most strange way. It was something about this guy thar i just could't place. So then it happend that faith brought us together even when i tried to run away from him. And from that day on i could never run again, neither could he thoug we really tried. And we have done so much stuff to screw up our relationship also by sleeping with other people while we still weren't exclusive with each other.

    But i was in love. And i needed him. I had to have him. So i conciously used TLOA on him and it worked. It took a lot of time, stress, tears, heartbreake and patience to get this man that seemed like a jerk at first but still was so speciall to me. But i finally got him and he was everything i knew he would be. The asshole thing was just an act, defence mechanism to not get hurt and some how i knew. Now he is the most wonderful and devoted partner there ever was. He loves me beyond beliefe and wants to share his life with me. We have been together for 7 moths now in a long distance relationship, so we skype everyday. Also some other problems have come in our relatioships because I suffering from a very deep depression now, and i'm going in to therapy. Some doctors say it can be borderline personality disorder or even bipolar disorder. And still he hangs in there through all of mye tantrums, depressions, highs and lows and wants me and no body else. So now we have decided that we are going to move together when he comes back from school in england.

    He is my soulmate, my bestfriend and my everything. And he has told me that i'm his soulmate and that his never going to want anybody else but me - sick or healthy.

    I hope you hang in there. There is no bigger gift in life than love. And for a person that has that kind of true love, I just want everybody to experience it. So good luck to you. Hugs

  • I have attracted the most amazing guy to me, without even trying. All I had to do was follow my passion. My passions included going to the gym, eating out with friends and hiking. A friend's friend appeared in all three places simultaneously and then we got close :) 

    Please don't try to MAKE things happen. Sometimes things are just meant to be. Enjoy your single-hood because you KNOW it's not going to last too long. I was single for three years, the first two were very hard, because I wanted someone near me all the time. The last one, I gave up and just enjoyed my life with my friends and got a career.

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