My ex wants me back

Hello, first of all I am from Mexico so I want to apologize for my english.Lately I have been talking with mu ex a lot but just because we agreed to stay as friends. We broke up 1 year ago and I was in a lot of pain but with time that pain has gone away. But now she says that she misses, she told me that she learned from her mistakes and that she changed and wants to get back together.I also want to get back together but if things goes like last time i dont want to suffer again so I dont know if getting back together is the right choice.What do you think?? Any stories alike??

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  • Are there any signs that you see in her current life that you see have shown this change?
    When similar circumstances or stimuli confront a person, the same reaction often occurs based on their beliefs and habits deep in their subconscious mind. It is easy to say you have changed because you wish it happens and you may actually be sorry, but that doesn't mean that things will be different. Look for clues in their life to see how the changes have manifested.

    Have you made a list or a vision board of the things you want in a partner? That is a good start - then you will be forced to look at what you want and if that other person has those qualities.
  • Will do that thanks
  • I can relate to some of these feelings a little.

    My thoughts are
    take it slow with each other - baby steps. And
    see how it goes & use law of attraction to
    focus on the kind of relationship you want in
    your love life & especially how it will feel.

    But have a good talk & take things slow too
  • well..if it is real, time will show it in her behavior

  • We are doing that but I dont know if I can believe her
  • Oh Robert, How amazing that I see this post as I was checking my email. My soon to be ex husband's name is Robert and I want him back!!! My feelings if I were in your position is to discuss how you BOTH have and are making the necessary individual changes on yourselves to prevent the same problems from happening again

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