my list and intention for attraction

i have always felt that each time we date, hang out , interact with others we refine what it is that we desire in our ideal mate. i have learned much from each of the people that i have been in a romantic relationship with and about myself. Having made a list before i feel ready to do so again on this forum with the intention that doing so will add to the vibration of desire for this person to come my way and for us to clearly see each other - no matter what level of self love we are at at the time- as a person worthy of our affection and that we are worthy of recieving love from another.


1: a spiritually aware and actively working with in alignment with spirit

2: loves life while seeing the lessons in things that my appear negative

3: creative- i love musicians and artists

4: compassionate, caring, empathetic - a person who has self love and love of others

5: literate- i love to read so having a partner that reads as well is a bonus

6: taller than me - i am around 5'4" so at least 5'6"

7: i do love piercings and tattoos - ones that come from a place of inner expression not seeking outward attention

8: loves to be out doors while also valuing time indoors- reading, creating, and more

9: open to attending the theatre, concerts, museums, antique malls, and other things i like to do knowing that i will be open to doing things that they like to do.

10: loves animals and willing to have one if he does not already

11: environmentally aware

12: likes to travel and/or camp

13: loves me for who i am as well as loves my daughter for who she is

14: shines his inner light in my direction just as i will shine mine in his

15:  does work that he likes or loves while not fully defining self by his work

16: physically healthy and fit- engages in activites such as biking, hiking, yoga, or similar things  as well as eats a vegetarin or vegan diet

17: communicates with and open mind and open heart

this or better is what i seek. the main thing is that he is a vibrational match for me even if that vibration is of a higher frequency than mine for i feel that there are times in all relationships that one may be at a higher of lover vibration than the other. there is no blame of shame in this as we all progress at rates that we choose. having knowledge of this - i feel helps each person see the lessons of the moment more clearly knowing that they are just that moments. embracing our emotions has power to transform.

with blessings and love i send out a vibration of love for myself and the one or ones that will love me in this lifetime- if we have been together in previous lifetimes i send healing energy to that time so that we can find love and unity in this one. i send love and healing to all blocks that may keep us from seeing each other with love. i ask that your guides help you in finding me and mine in finding you.


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  • SupremeCon, I LOVE what you said about the near misses & how the Universe just kind of says we are still working on it not long now.

    I either have PERHAPS met my soulmate or at least my next soon to be boyfriend OR if he is a near match only well he is a sign that my Mr Right IS on the way.  Cos this guy is REALLY CLOSE!  He's not perfect, there's things I'd like to tweak but not only is he my type physically but there's a connection & compatibility.  But if he's not for me he could be a sign that someone even CLOSER match! is on the way YAY! And so either way I win! 

    He's either it or he's a sign that my guy is pretty darn close! 

  • Best wishes for your intentions to be fulfilled.  I see you said you had a strong 'connection' experience with an old friend.  I am interested in this idea of 'near misses'.  This is discussed a little in some of my readings.

    As if the Universe is saying... "see, we hear you... we're working on it... just hold on a little longer."

  • i am closer to achieving this goal all the time. having released negative programming from my light body i had a beautiful encounter with a long time friend. he travels for work so we see each other very rarely- it had been 2 years since i had last seen him. he has so many of the things i know that i deserve and desire in a mate, the words he spoke to me and the love that we shared was like nothing i had felt before. i am so blessed and grateful to have had that experience. it only brings me closer to my vibrational match.  

  • thank you very much. love to you as well.

    blessings and light


  • I send you my love and hope he finds you very soon! :)

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