Hello again.

I have been listening a lot to Neville Goddard & also to someone who is kinda like a coach using his material and Neville Goddard's too, I guess? called Mr Twenty Twenty and from that I've heard and read some techniques on attracting marriage, which some of you might already know but just in case you don't I'm going to share them and then I'm going to ask you for ideas on my question.

OK, If you are a woman (though I think a man could most certainly do this too!) and you want to be married, Neville Goddard says when you are lying in bed near sleep, imagine you can feel a wedding ring on your ring finger.  He also says to imagine them in the bed with you.  He says if you are a man to imagine the extra responsibility you would feel now that you have a wife, but personally I don't really like that tip and think it's more from an older time!  Personally, for me Neville Goddard and a lot of teachers, I LOVE their material but usually up to 80% of it?

Anyway the ring and the bed idea are really cool.  I guess you could imagine them spooning you (cuddling you) or even just that they are lying next to you.  That you can feel them there.  And how that feels emotionally.  Like i said, you can also do the congratulatory conversation: Imagine hearing what your friends would be saying now that you are in a happy relationship.

Mr Twenty Twenty said you can imagine that you and the love are sitting on a love seat and looking at a photo album of photos of happy memories of you two and then you squeeze each others' hands and you really focus on the squeeze.  And the feelings of that too.

So, those are the tips I am sharing.

However, now to my question.

As most of you probably know, I'm divorced, since late 2012, and I'm not really in a great hurry to get re-married.  I SORT of had 3 proposals last year but I don't know if I can count them as actual proposals?  but I didn't want to marry them even though I fancied them and for me it's just WAY too soon to think about re-marrying.  I also married my first husband (and the only one I've had so far ha ha!) after about...well, we were living together six months after we met and we married a year and a month after we met.  

I have always thought I'd prefer to have a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship for about four years first and THEN get married.  Furthermore, gosh it's weird....perhaps due to my religious upbringing and also hearing about celebs like Joan Collins and Elizabeth Taylor who had 6-8 marriages each!  I feel a bit weird about the idea OF a second marriage at all, even though I have a cousin who got divorced - her ex divorced her - and she re-married about 14? years ago to someone else and they are so happy together but I just feel weird about it AT THIS STAGE.  

And yet, I lived with my ex before I married him.  And for ME, I didn't feel differently before and after marrying him, though I did when we moved in?  I mean, we got to have breakfast together, which I loved, wake up to each other, which I loved, look after each other when sick but I don't feel like I love someone any less for not living with them, I love them either way?!!

So I feel like to ME, despite my religious upbringing, I don't feel like I HAVE to get married, or even live with someone, in fact I LIKE having my own space and I've never lived alone and I'd like that but I'd also LOVE to have another relationship very very much.  My last boyfriend was after my divorce and it ended December 2012.  I had a lover for 8 months which ended in early April last year, but I don't count him as a boyfriend OBVIOUSLY.  

I'd LOVE to know how to Nevillize having a romantic relationship but not necessarily marriage as I feel like, perhaps a few years after having this relationship I may indeed want to re-marry.  But for NOW, I just want to experience having a boyfriend again and I've shared Neville's tips for a husband/wife, how do you think one might use them for a romantic relationship?

The bed one is good, but part of me thinks what if I manifest a relationship that's super sexual again, I'm ahem have a healthy sex drive (TMI, sorry!) but I'm also very romantic and I think going out on dates with someone I have feelings for IS my love language.  

Sometimes I also feel like even if I could just experience this for 2-5 years, it might be enough for me...I mean I keep hearing over and over again that expecting one mate for life even in LOA circles I keep hearing don't get hung up on that idea???

I don't even care if it's NOT the same guy, really, I love love, I love being in a romantic relationship with someone I love who loves me back that is a happy relationship.  

How might I use similar tips to the ones I've shared to manifest that, but not necessarily marriage? 

(Too early for me to contemplate marriage! I just want to meet him and get to be his girlfriend for a while first!)

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