Hello everyone! I am new to LOA so looking forward to your input :)

I recently went on a date with a guy and although I believe everything happens for a reason, I am having a bit of trouble understanding the outcome of this situation.

To give a bit of background, I'm 23 and I met a guy on a dating app, we got along extremely well before meeting and during the date I felt a very intense mental and physical attraction to him which I have never experienced before - I had a very strong instinct about him before we even met and it is unlike me to get invested in someone or the idea of someone until I know them properly and we date for a while.  

From what I know of him so far, he seemed to be exactly the kind of person I would want a relationship with, our goals in life and interests are very well aligned. Personality and looks wise I can't imagine being more attracted to anyone more now that I have met him - like I said I had a very strong instinct about him, almost as if he is my soul mate and the idea of this scared me a little bit too and made me nervous.

I had the best first date I've ever had with him, he confirmed he had a lot of fun and the feeling was mutual. We continued talking for a few days after which I had a feeling that something had changed. He then messaged me saying that he's been wanting to ask me out again since he had a really nice time with me, but he wants to be honest with me - his ex gf has recently come back into his life and although he doesn't know what's happening with her he thinks it would unfair to ask me out again until after he has sorted stuff out with her.

My question is: why would the universe bring someone like him into my life when he is not supposed to be in it? I’ll admit that ideally I would want some time to work on myself before I get into a relationship, and this date came about out of the blue. I’m not sure how to positively interpret the situation as it could very well be the case that his ex and him get back together and I will never see him again! But I am struggling to decipher the meaning of this, because I have never had such a strong instinct about someone and quite frankly even though it was just one date, he has really left an impact on me and I have no interest in even dating anyone else at the moment!!

Could it be that the universe was letting me know that this is what is in store for me, but is giving me time to work on myself too? And how would I go about manifesting a situation where he comes back into my life and I get the opportunity to get to know him better?


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