Telepathic Connection With Your Soulmate.

Just some questions.  Tell me what you think.

Has anyone ever experienced a strong telepathic connection with their soulmate?  Have you experienced it even before you met your soulmate?  Do you have a strong telepathic connection with your soulmate?

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  • Mcharis that is beautiful & encouraging! How lovely & thanks for sharing!
  • Sorry IPhone won't let me add to it..

    He's NOT on whatsapp etc so he could know
    my phone is on & is not that tech savy

    I could send messages (psychic ones NOT text ones!!) to say that "I am open to us
    getting back together & see what happens IF that is
    something you'd also like to explore"

    I looked at photos of him today - don't do that often
    & found one I'd forgotten :-) looked briefly it's not
    how I spent my whole day!

    I used to be a bit telepathic, like I said, I'd LOVE to
    attract more of that skill back!!

    I cried over his text today HAPPY tears cos like
    I said I thought what if he meets another one the walk
    (Tho I said if he does he's meant to) but I let it go &
    just wished him love & to have a lovely time got
    on with my day, raised my vibe had forgotten
    A bit let it go & he texted me aw!! :-) :-)

    I only go to events he MIGHT also go to IF I want to go to that event
    anyway whether he turns up or not & I'd gone out to other events these past 2
    days so chilled at home plus walk in the park today
  • I think I just had it again
    Wanted C to text me ok I'd thought it a bit
    earlier but I ended up turning off my phone
    did some uplifting processes & all sorts
    I JUST turned my phone on and within 3 mins
    of me turning my phone on he texted me &
    said something about his day.
    I had just suddenly thought - after yes forgetting
    about it! - I wonder if he's texted me I kind of
    wasn't expecting it today cos I knew he was out
    today & I saw my phone was off thought well I better
    turn my phone ON then & within 3 minutes or less
    basically as soon as I had connection he'd texted me!

    But what's also really special to me about that
    is earlier today yes this is nuts I knew he was going on
    a walk with a group & I thought what if he meets
    someone else on that?

    And I worked on changing my thoughts & said
    Well what if I meet someone wonderful out &
    about MYSELF?! And also I was thinking
    Just be happy C have a nice day & if he meets
    someone well good for him, he deserves to be
    happy. Hey he MIGHT have met someone today for all
    I know but I just think it's lovely that after that walk he's
    texted me about it :-)

    But yeah - some telepathy again!

    One thing I started doing is sending telepathic
    messages to him that he might get on some
    level I might do that more NOT things to try to get him back
    I don't KNOW if our relationship will stay friends or become
    more (we dated briefly I ended it, I'm not using the
    e/x word! And I'm not entirely sure what I WANT this to be except I
    DO love him but I mean regardless I want our
    relationship - whether platonic or more - healed & us to
    communicate more effectively than ever with each other so I
    mean messages around THAT
  •  Your soulmate is a reflection of you.

  • Aargh ha ha and it continues!
    I got sick, my ex husband got sick in the same part of his body too - he's fine now - and my ex boyfriend sent me these odd texts, two meant for someone else, but he mentioned a scan - I don't know what for but I've wished him well.

    I know we are all connected but ha ha sometimes it gets a little bit ridiculous!
  • I seem to have a weirdly strong connection with my ex bf and I don't really understand WHY.

    It's physical too...not like THAT!! What I mean is:

    The last time I saw him before I basically ended it with him, I noticed he had a pimple and I saw him brush one small flake of skin off his face, his cheek maybe? or near his ear?  I forget.

    But I thought EW, That's gross, disgusting!

    Well, yes, he kissed me on the lips briefly but our skin apart from our lips did not touch.

    Yet what do you know?  The next day I had a pimple - haven't had one in years and flaky skin all over my cheeks!!

    He had one tiny flake I had LOTS.

    It's like I attracted it, y'know?

    I manifested it away again.



    More recently, I got angry not even to him but I mentioned this to others & I don't want to go into details but basically the words I used angrily about him, I got the sickness that describes that.

    For example, I said I hope he chokes and I had a choking fit.

    I wouldn't say something like THAT but bascally that sort of thing is EXACTLY what has happened!

    I am nearly better but I am a bit puzzled about why our connection is so strong.

    What I've decided is that the best thing for me to do is say some affirmations that bless him & send him unconditional love because not ONLY is it NICE & healthiest but even though I'm SURE you've heard that if you hurt another you hurt yourself, well I've NEVER in my LIFE had this be so LITERAL before as it is with us.

    Another thing I just remembered, in January one day he was in front of me and I heard us mention "kareoke" almost at the same time - we were talking to two different people - and we were both having conversations about kareoke and then the next thing was "Ice skating" the same thing happened with that!

    We DO both LIKE these things though & may have walked past an ice rink but STILL!


    I might as well say it, I get thinngs almost daily that remind me of him, like Adidas stuff around (he wears it) or the poster of a show he wanted to go to seeming to jump out at me, his first name coming up, weirdly even his surname has a few times. 

    I once saw a poster on a bus of a singer he LOVES & asked the Universe, should I let him know the info about this concert they are advertising? And I click into the chat room & someone had typed "Yes, the answer is always yes" and the next person said "No, the answer is never no."

     So I texted him the info and he was pleased.

    I don't really see how he & I could work as a couple but I'm just saying i find this connection interesting. 

    Even when I saw him last, (before he made me mad!!)

    we kept turning our head and looking and smiling at each other, must have done it about six times - we were with a group but now I think about it, HOW DID we know the other one was turning & looking too?


    I don't make much of it anymore - it probably means nothing - except that the Universe CLEARLY wants me to be nice not nasty to him!

     And believe it or not, I feel weird sharing this stuff!! But there you go.


  • I've had a ton of energetic connections with my ex. Every time I have gotten very emotional over my ex. He does something, like contacts me in some way, or deletes me from FB. Stuff like that. EVERY time. I am wondering what I should tell him next to see what he does. Its almost kind of cool. He keeps running away, but he ends up doing something at a distance back to me.

  • I don't know if I ever had a telepathic connection, but I have had strange coincidences with friends and boyfriends of the past. Maybe that's what was missing from my past relationships...

  • Actually, I have had that too. I've asked people at PI to send love etc. when I've really needed it, FORGOTTEN I've asked and BOOM later in my day get a sudden BURST of happiness!!
    Yesterday my ex bf sent me a real sweet text but when he did, when I heard that text tone (he has his own text & ring tone ha ha) I wasn't surprised!
  • Yes, I could feel it long before we met, when we were together, and even after we broke. 

    There was a kind of connection with a name of "Antonio" within me about five years ago before we met each other. I thought it was insane - I wan't aware about telephatic connection yet. Then I met a man with name "Antonio" for fun and hang out; that moment I had my loving boyfriend. Months later both of us broke up with our partners and everything was so fast happening, we found ourselves in love. The connection was so strong, so intense, so amazing as well as our vibration!

    Just a matter of short time, we broke up. Until last month, I still felt he was with me as such his soul wrapped mine tightly. We didn't stay in touch anyway. I blessed this relationship and launched my desire to The Universe: I want Antonio or the essence of him or the idea of him ... he is on the way back to me ;-)))))

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