This is truly a powerful way to think and be....I AM PURE DESIRE!! It is so powerful that you should be careful as I have gotten really good at being desirable around the women I find desirable!! It is extremely powerful!!

Before going out (or whatever) stand in the mirror and imagine being the center of attention while telling yourself how good it feels to be desired.......





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  • You are more than welcome Niki. Thank you so much for stopping by and for taking the time to respond. I know this will be a blessing to you in your life and you wuill see a powerful change in your circumstances, situations and relationships! Welcome to PI as well.....Add me as a friend if you haven't already.....stop by my page anytime for inspiration, encouragement and comfort in the direction of your goals and dreams and desires!!! Let me know if you have any questions about this as has been so powerful in my life...and I see its results every single day!!!!


    The Mystery.....Within....

  • This is so amazing! Wow! Blessings to you! Thank you brother!
  • Please read all the posts here first.........then contact me again.....
  • Hello Sapphire,

    Great Question and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I hope you and yours are enjoying a brand new year of powerful intentions and greater living. The reason I initially posted this because I help alot people with the spiritual ideas taught by Christ, LOA, the secret etc...etc...on a day to day basis. When I encourage the affirmation, it is was for the person, like me, that DID NOT FEEL DESERVING OF ANYTHING GREATER THAN WHAT THEY HAD. And a majority of people that I have had the priviledge to assist are concerned about relationships. But most are guaging or judging their worth by 'what others think' about them or how others respond to them. The LOA is about working from the inside out and becoming that which you wish to manifest. So, how could I become more 'magnetic'?? I MUST BECOME 'DESIRE'.....PURE DESIRE. I mean.....what would it be like to think and even know that what I am desire is also desiring me?? Wanting 'me' in its experience with the same passion. NO MATTER WHAT IT IS....CLOTHES, HOME, FRIENDS, BUSINESS, JOBS, SUCCESS, ABUNDANCE, LOVERS!! It is endless. I and others have had tremendous success with this affirmation. When I 'personally' started to use was not for an 'ideal' partner, though IT IS FOR THAT AS WELL. I WANTED WHAT WHAT SO MANY PEOPLE THINK LUCKY, PRIVILEDGED, BLESSED AND SPECIAL PEOPLE HAVE....."CHOICE". Not just choice, but my 'ideal' preferences. I'm a new york strip steak kinda guy and I was settling for 'steak-um sandwhiches'. Why??? Because like plenty of us....I wanted what I didn't think I 'could' actually have deep down. So dreams became fanciful and in the end left me feeling empty and even 'stupid' for imagining that a woman like 'THAT' would want in guy like me?? So I would settle for whatever came along that would give some sort of attention and interest.


    Funny you should ask, because when I started I made a visioin board to use with it that had tons of beautiful women 'looking' at me on it. It worked so powerfully that I 'had to make another vision board' that was smaller...for more 'quality' women to my ideal tastes. The affirmation is to create the confidence in order to be attractive in order to have a 'choice' in partners to ones ideal tastes, dreams, and desires!! Too many people 'settle' in bad and unfulfilling relationships because they don't believe they deserve anything better....period. If one doesn't believe they are worthy and deserving.....then they don't even bother 'dreaming and hoping' for anything better let alone taking the necessary steps of faith to obtain it. THIS IS IDEAL FOR ATTRACTING NOT ONLY AN IDEAL PARTNER.....BUT FOR ANY AND EVERYTHING!!!! IT'S KNOWING THAT I AM WORTHY AND DESERVING 'FIRST'. Amen. Please look at the rest of the post that I have in this discussion if you have a chance which will explain in further detail. I could I attract something that is outside of my experience if I don't believe I am good enough to receive it? Since using this I have attracted two new cars, a house and countless oppotunities not only to receive....but to give and be a blessing to others. (**also something that alot of people don't think they are able to do and be because of feeling 'inadaquate, ill equipted and unable' just as they are) I am living proof that 'It is done unto you "AS" you believe' every lil detail as Christ taught. I 'dare you' and your husband to incorporate this affirmation in to your practice, prayer and treatment along with your others in bringing your dream home into fruition!! Push the limits and think "BIG" and "IDEAL" because you guys are worth it!! Please keep me updated as well as I would like to share in your joy when it arrives!! Amen. Curious (I always ask) what made you stop by my page?? I always like to know......please stop by anytime for comfort, encouragement and inspiration for greater expectations for greater living. I hope this answers your question and helps.....if not let me know asap!! I will always get back to your within 24 hours. 


    Blessings and Love to you......

    The Mystery....Within....

    • Hi The Mystery

      Sshh … my gift to my husband is the manifestation of our perfect house, as we’ve somewhat outgrown this one and need more space, so he doesn’t know about my “surprise” LOL.

      I too have manifested my perfect life - busines (I always wanted to be self employed), perfect partner, wonderful children, family, friends, social life etc … am thinking back to my very first manifestation. Over 15 years at the tender age of 21, I manifested my first house - without even knowing anything about the LOA!  

      You say: “Push the limits and think "BIG" and "IDEAL" because you guys are worth it!!” and it is so important for people to realize that they shouldn’t be afraid to think big. The saying “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars” is so true!

      So glad to see that you too are manifesting your life and your confidence will one day come and you will manifest the partner that is right for you.

      I like that fact that you say you are trying to give and be a blessing to others. I also try to do this in any way that I can, whether it’s by listening, taking time for people, underatanding, saying a small prayer or giving a Reiki treatment to someone.


  • Hi The Mystery

    Browsing through the forum I came across your page. As you know, any “I AM” affirmation is strong, powerful and manifests and this is a great one for people who want confidence, to attract a relationship or anything else in life they desire.

    I’m just curious, as on the first page you state that “It has been working amazingly for me for the past three years.....” and that was in 2009, so I assume you started with this affirmation in 2006?

    Comments you post such as “Beautiful women just keep coming out of the woodwork to get my attention!!! All the compliments....and all the numbers and all of the situations.....amazing!!!! A bit overwhelming” - shows that it’s working just fine for you.

    So my question is … have you tried using this affirmation to attract your ideal partner, as you’ve been using it for 4 years or so.

    Or is that what you are working on at the moment? With all these women approaching you constantly, do you know the qualities of the woman that you desire – but you haven’t attracted her yet?

    I love affirmations as they are so powerful and I’m now working on manifesting a surprise new home for my husband and myself :)

  • The girl from UPS????????? DAMN, what the Fu$% man, ur kiddin me
    • Nope.....True man....all true bro....bananas....I was shocked too....I am grateful for any and all attention and attraction I receive in order to ave the way for's on automatic now man...just like you and your business bro!!
    • You deserve it man, you really do.


      it is automatic, you are right, my finances and income are on auto pilot too

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