Twin Flames?

I'll start off by saying that I never believed in the idea of "twin flames" or "soul mates" to be real, but lately I've been practically obsessed with it. It started with a guy I met a little over a month ago...

I had gotten back into dating after getting over a terrible break-up (and betrayal), I started online dating but didn't have very high expectations (as previous online dating experiences totally bombed). Anyways, after looking through hundreds of profiles and receiving many messages from men I wasn't remotely interested in I came across his appearance he wasn't necessarily more attractive than the other guys, but I got this strange urge to click on the "meet me" button, so I went for it. That evening I got a message from him, he said that I was "too good to be true" since he not only found me attractive but we also had pretty much identical profile info (interests, views, hobbies, what we wanted in life and relationships). He was just moments away from giving up on the dating site we met on and was just about to delete his profile when my profile popped up.

So we decided to meet, we went on our first date which was a bit nerve wracking at first, but after an hour or so of talking it was like it was perfectly natural, as if we'd known each other for years. As the evening progressed we went back to his apartment, hung out, talked, I even met his friends and we got along great. Even when his friends were around it was as if it was just me and him. When we looked into each other's eyes it seemed like time stood still (as corny as that may sound, haha). He even said that it was the first time he had ever been that comfortable or in sync with anyone he first met, that he could truly be himself around me.We kept finding out so many things we had in common, we even had the same dream the night before our first date! We were together a few times after that, he even met my daughter and he was great with her, she adored him!

Sadly, as of a couple of weeks ago, he started to become distant. Canceled our plans, seemed uninterested in talking to me, never texted...and to this day I haven't heard from him :( I keep getting this feeling that he lost interest in me. Even the thought of it tears me up inside, I've really never felt so much pain as I do now, I feel as if a piece of my soul has been torn out, I'm even in physical pain, and have anxiety attacks. Everyone thinks I'm overreacting and tells me I should move on, find someone else but I can't shake this feeling. Like we're connected somehow...I've been doing a lot of research on twin flames and I can relate to and agree pretty much everything I've read comparing it to my own experience. Is it possible that I've found my twin flame?

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  • omg...great job....i'm so happy for u....i'm so trying to let go again....please tell me what u did....I've done it everything to let go...

    • I started to focus on myself instead of focusing on him, I was tired of feeling desperate for him. I started convincing myself that I am worth having, I am worth pursuing. I started to notice other men take notice of me, even though I could not bring myself to replace him with any of those men, it gave me more confidence. Once you start to notice the value and beauty in yourself, others will notice too. Trusting in the law of attraction (even though it's nearly impossible some days) really works wonders. Meditation helps too, putting yourself in the having place in your mind and feeling the love, contentment and peace you feel when you're with him. I read an article on this site that really inspired me and gave me hope, it's called "Getting your ex back: It's all about you", it's on the "Get Your Ex Back" forum. Hope this helps!

    • thanks.....ill re read that again and try to let go guess this second time is harder cuz now we haven't spoke in almost three wks....;(

    • Don't lose hope, I didn't hear from mine for almost 2 months before I heard from him again.
    • OMG....2 months...I think I will lose it if we go that long with N/C....but you do give me tons of hope....I do feel I've let go but I still think about him almost every min of the day....I do my own thing and live my own life but nothing helps...i've gone on dates, started a sport, started a second job...and still it seems all i think about his him ;( ... How did you feel not speaking to him for 2 months? a

    • It was very discouraging, at some point I gave up hope, thought he didn't care about me. I was angry at the universe for not giving me what I wanted, which is him. I started to realize (eventually) that my immaturity and negativity was causing resistance so I surrendered, I gave up (even though I never got over him). I sent him feelings of love through meditation and I asked the universe nicely instead of having a tantrum from not getting my way. I learned that the universe responds a lot sooner if I ask nicely :)

    • I send him love daily....but I am also so mad and angry at you think thats holding the process?

      I also feel the same he moved on and dont care about me...sometimes I feel like throwing this LOA stuff out the door and giving up myself....I have these break downs daily crying over him and it sucks...

    • I know how you feel, I really can relate. I went through mental hell for a while. It's just so hard to keep yourself happy and positive when you know in your own soul that he is the one for you...the other half to your soul, and he doesn't seem to reciprocate your feelings. But the truth is that if two people are really meant for each other, they both know it, even if one of them doesn't seem to. If they run away. This is very much relating to the "runner and chaser" theory I mentioned in my previous comments. Do you believe in your heart that he is your other half? If you do, and if you are really meant for each other, he do believes it too. 

      My recent experience (when i heard from him again) proved to me that miracles are possible, and that if they are meant for you they will come back to you.

      As hard as it is, keeping faith is has rewards that make the bad times worth it.

  • I did it...I let go. I lost my desperate feelings, my longing. I even turned my attention to other men (even though he never once left my mind completely). Some weeks passed and one day, I hear from...totally out of the blue. On a Monday morning I did my routine Facebook check for updates and such and I see a message from him! He wrote me telling me how pretty he thought I was, then asked me how I was doing, told me what was new in his life. I asked the universe for a message from him, I thought even if I haven't seen him in a while or might not see him in a while, I'd at least like to hear from him...know how he was doing. And I heard from him :)
  • omg...i so understand what you are going through...

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