Twin Flames?

I'll start off by saying that I never believed in the idea of "twin flames" or "soul mates" to be real, but lately I've been practically obsessed with it. It started with a guy I met a little over a month ago...

I had gotten back into dating after getting over a terrible break-up (and betrayal), I started online dating but didn't have very high expectations (as previous online dating experiences totally bombed). Anyways, after looking through hundreds of profiles and receiving many messages from men I wasn't remotely interested in I came across his appearance he wasn't necessarily more attractive than the other guys, but I got this strange urge to click on the "meet me" button, so I went for it. That evening I got a message from him, he said that I was "too good to be true" since he not only found me attractive but we also had pretty much identical profile info (interests, views, hobbies, what we wanted in life and relationships). He was just moments away from giving up on the dating site we met on and was just about to delete his profile when my profile popped up.

So we decided to meet, we went on our first date which was a bit nerve wracking at first, but after an hour or so of talking it was like it was perfectly natural, as if we'd known each other for years. As the evening progressed we went back to his apartment, hung out, talked, I even met his friends and we got along great. Even when his friends were around it was as if it was just me and him. When we looked into each other's eyes it seemed like time stood still (as corny as that may sound, haha). He even said that it was the first time he had ever been that comfortable or in sync with anyone he first met, that he could truly be himself around me.We kept finding out so many things we had in common, we even had the same dream the night before our first date! We were together a few times after that, he even met my daughter and he was great with her, she adored him!

Sadly, as of a couple of weeks ago, he started to become distant. Canceled our plans, seemed uninterested in talking to me, never texted...and to this day I haven't heard from him :( I keep getting this feeling that he lost interest in me. Even the thought of it tears me up inside, I've really never felt so much pain as I do now, I feel as if a piece of my soul has been torn out, I'm even in physical pain, and have anxiety attacks. Everyone thinks I'm overreacting and tells me I should move on, find someone else but I can't shake this feeling. Like we're connected somehow...I've been doing a lot of research on twin flames and I can relate to and agree pretty much everything I've read comparing it to my own experience. Is it possible that I've found my twin flame?

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  • Oh my GOSH, Andrea, yes!

    For some reason, I don't mean this in a horrible way like with this emotionally abusive guy I dated years ago who was mean, but with this guy it's weird that it brought up a lot of insecurities & fears - stuff I thought I had dealt with but it came up to the light to be healed. It's like he's a catalyst for my growth & he doesn't even know it. Of course, as someone said to me I am the one who is choosing to transform. Even this stuff from my childhood & stuff came up for me, but now I can't remember what most of that was even about! A sense of yes yes being on a very positive path as a result. Yep.
    Re the signs of encouragement OH YES sometimes I even say things like why do you seem to like HIM for me so much, maybe YOU should go out with him! It's ridiculous but what I don't get is ok for eg today I wanted to look up a kids' author I was reading, clicked on related articles, one had his first name. I clicked on a video the other day I felt drawn to & someone said his first name - but it's sometimes things I will be drawn to & then there is a connection.

    I either want to get the guy or lose the connection, the signs the dreams.

    All is well & my focus is be happy, no matter what.
  • Looking at this now, I have to say that I am actually thankful that I got to experience this. This experience has taught me a lot about myself, which is the big purpose in meeting your twin flame. I have become more in tune with my spiritual self and I know that I'm on the path to enlightenment and self love. I'm fighting a battle, but the universe/God/angels are sending me signs of encouragement, in dreams and in other ways (like seeing repetitive number sequences). Some I days I need the encouragement more than others, but in my weakness there is strength. There are days I want to fall apart, but I will stay strong.

  • I wish I wasn't the chaser...some days I think I'm losing my mind! There are brief, short, random times where I feel a lot of hope and positive thoughts, but then I go back to panic and over thinking. I can go from total love to absolute pain, it keeps jumping back and forth.  

  • I MAY have met my twin...I wouldn't say telepathy for us but there have been a few kinda telepathy-like experiences.
    . I was saying to Goddess Spirit Girl before how he thought he'd known me for a long time, he said after we'd only known each other 2 months but it DID feel longer - in a GOOD way though! If he is or if he isn't - either way, it's fine.
    . In FACT sometimes I don't WANNA have a twin!! At ALL! BTW, mostly, I have been the runner ha ha.
    But sometimes him.
    But it hear a lot of what I perceive to be "negative" stuff about twins - yes, like the runner thing for eg - well, I want to manifest a great relationship without all that part. I hope I really am the runner if he is my TF in which case, OK boy I'm hanging up my running shoes now, come & get me!
  • Thats how it starts.  The intense connection.  :/

  • oops have to be friends for me to PM you. Guess it will be here. These are not people that are necessarily LOA believers, but most do have the same sort of beliefs. YOu allready see yourself how your own insecurities affected his leaving, but, do you sense that he is uncomfortable with his choice?
    Site is Scroll, you'll find one for twin souls and soul mates. Many very experienced people there and if you start reading through all the threads you'll see similar things there.

  • That's very normal. Sensing him. What you describe is very typical of things I've heard before. Ok, I'll PM to you.

  • We can sense each other, feelings more so than audible thought, so emotional telepathy maybe? I just need to get over my fear and insecurity, my fear of pushing him further away by asking him why he pulled away.

    I've also read a lot about twins running away, I read an article on twin dynamics, one twin being the runner and the other the chaser. The runner is commonly male and the chaser is commonly female, this makes perfect sense to me since that is the case in my situation. Now that I think of it, he started becoming distant when i started to have fears and paranoid thoughts.

    If you could refer me to a forum on this topic, I'd appreciate it :)

    • I'm definitly a runner. I suspect that i have met my twinflame. It feels like it, cause I experience the wierdest connection and attraction to a person. I´ve never felt that before. I´m not necesarely sexually attracted to him, but i long for him still sometimes. Its like a wawe. A electric wawe that sometimes comes over me and is so powerful and overwhelming that i litteraly can´t breath. And it's to much. It hurts to look at this man. I don't understand the attraction and why i sometimes feel that i have to just stay close to him or i will die. But still, I think I'm sort of addicted to his energy rather than to him. I just don't know how to explain it. It feels like i know him. That he is an old friend or something.. someone that i used to know once upon a time. Like i've known him forever. He is a really difficult person to get to know. He doesen't share things easily. He comes of like a sort of arrogant guy that no one really understands, but me. I knew he wasn't really like that. I knew what he was right away and felt that i had to get to know him. We are in the same class at school. It started up in my dreams. Suddenly i started to dream about him all the time and couldn't understand why. He is cute and all that but not my type. Then by chance he started to turn up on social event where he never used to attend and the wierd connection started. We had sooo much in comon and were almost glued to eachother talking about everything thias one day. But nothing else happened because I have a boyfriend, and i don´t want ti break up with my boyfriend because I love him.
      But this other guy.... It was something about him. And I knew he felt it to. The feeling that i got and sometimes still get at random times when i see him is that we are to planets orbiting around eachother. And at some point we wil collide. And it feels like i´m doing everything I can to stop the collition but I can´t. I can´t escape him no matter what I do. And I don´t understand why. But you see, the thing is that I have already found the man of my dreams. I have already decided that I want to be with my boyfriend for ever and that he will be my one and only. But when this other guy looks in to my eyes, I feel like i'm burning and i can't breath. It's so intense and so painful because I know I can never be with him. It's like i can hear my voice in my head saying: Not in this life. We will be together in the next, I promisse.
      So I run. I run as fast as I can. Cause I don't want to be with him. Cause it's to intense. Cause it hurts to much. He is not the guy I want, so why does he bother me? What is this weird connection? It has to be my twinflame.. I don't know how to explain it otherwise. And will I ever escape?
      Perhaps this can help you understand why some twins will run away from that connection. We just can't stand it.

  • Totallly possible, but only you can know for sure. Do you have telepathy with him? Because if you do, you can talk to him. Ask him why he left, but if you are in the craving, depressed feeling, it won't work. You have to be in higher feeling state and somewhat removed.
    I have noticed a very interesting phenomenon. That anytime I'm too far down, my twin just disappears. The more "high" your vibration, the more you receive. This is my personal experience. There are a ton of people I read about everyday when one of the twins runs. I have no idea about this as I haven't met mine in person yet. But if you want a forum where they talk about it, I can email it to you....

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