Undo a manifestation

Hi Guys,So basically I was in a relationship with an amazing person but I couldn't get over my ex so I manifested many times and eventually one day just after manifesting my ex back, it worked and I got what I desires.Shortly After that I realised how wrong I was because I only wanted my ex back because I felt rejected, right now he's inlove with me but i regret it.My question is - is there ever a way to undo that? I can't seem to manifest the guy that I was dating back, even if i do I just get a message from him and that's just as far as it goes?Any advice/ techniques?

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  • Bengston method of energy healing supposedly will demanifest if you keep using it on stuff that already exists... but I don't know. You could try manifesting it into an alternate reality, perhaps one with Superman?  I don't know. That seems like it would be pretty advanced, something for monkish psionicists and wizards to do. 

    But, really why do you want to demanifest it? Probably for him to be happy and you to feel like you did all right by him. So just manifest him being happy... visualize him being happy in love. Try Ho'oponopono (the mantra is, "I'm sorry" "Forgive me" "I love you" and "Thank you." It is an attempt to manifest the effect of everybody being locked in a room and deprived of sleep until they all realize how much they love one another, so the mantra is just a reminder of that because those are things people say as a Ho'oponopono comes to fruition. My explanation at least.) 

    In general, I think the best way of demanifesting is the law of buoyancy (my own description,) Put your thoughts on something that you want in it's space, something that will block it because it cannot coexist. Like a picture of you running, comfortably and enthusiastically, burns against the weakness in your legs. You can only have one, so if you put enough energy into the running you will have to heal the legs. Attracting health will cause the other to float away. 

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