Using LOA to get my ex boyfriend back

Hello PI family!

I´m new in this blog and this is the first discussion i post. This is probably a very common topic in the forum, but I would really like some personal advice. 

Here´s my story: 

A month ago my ex bf and I were having a rough patch. we were both full of obligations and fears, even though I didn´t notice it at the moment, I now see I was being extremely needy, selfless and evidently pushing him away. He went on a trip with his friends for a week, and when he came back he broke up with me. I told him to him to think everything calmly and he agreed, after a week of me literally begging him to give a chance to the relationship he finally gave in. (But only for a few days) Afterwards, he broke up with me definitely (after me begging and crying).

We didn´t speak for two weeks, (Except for a day he approached me to tell me he didn´t hook up with another person). However, after the two weeks passed, on a party we hooked up, the day after he told me he loved me but he still felt unsure with the relationship. Since then we´ve been hooking up every other day. We don´t speak of the relationship anymore, however he still get jealous and angry when he sees I´ve been hanging out with other guys.

I don´t know what to do and how to make him stay in a relationship with me for good. 

I´ve been trying to visualize, meditate and use the law of attraction in my favour. However I think Ive visualizing things in the wrong way, I can´t eliminate fear a negative thoughts.

Any help, advice or similar stories?

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  • Sir can you please give me a brief discription about this article? I am trying to improve my relation from about 3 -4 months but not yet succeding. Please can u help me sir to make the things right in my relationship again. I hope there is any way or technique to improve relations please tell me that technique sir. I am really in need of that.

      What these do is they make you feel better and stronger. Amy Cuddy explains how to use it and why it helps. It feels fake, but it makes you feel better and that creates power. 

  • On second thought and third, I realize that 'do nothing' is rather advanced. Still, it's the deepest and most wise result I can answer. What it entails is to feel the feeling, bless it and release it, and realize that it's not important. 

    Standing tall - look up 'power positions' in relation to body language - and smiling amount to doing nothing because they should be your default activity. Always forgive yourself for what you have created that isn't to your liking. (This is the thing that I need to learn, I just noticed.)  

    I really do hope that you find your true love, which is inside yourself. Once you do, either this man will be irresistibly drawn or repelled. In either event, the result will be for your highest good - and for his.

  • It's not the thought, you don't control that, it's the energy you put into it. Thought stopping actually increases the unwanted thoughts later. It marks them as important.

    Stand up straighter, smile, and realize that the thought will pass. Do nothing; it's not real, it requires no effort mental or otherwise. You're on the freeway going where you want to go, right? And you see signs all the time saying, "Take this exit to go to Splitsville." Everytime you see that sign, you'll think, "I could go to Splitsville. I hate Splitsville." And you'll feel bad about that, because the emotion is telling you you don't want Splitsville.  You need to ALLOW these other thoughts to exist, that's all. So let the negative thoughts remind you NOT to take the exit, but to keep thinking of what you actually want. 

    Remember the seventeen seconds. Six seconds or so is enough to realize that these are just thoughts of Contrast, that they are a natural point so that LOA can ask you which you want. Within six seconds, you can recognize, allow, and push the thought into the distance, so that it's still there as an alternative but not as a reality. You'll feel better having pushed it away, you'll focus on what is WANTED for seventeen seconds so that it can draw in more of the delicious thoughts, and that contrasting thought will energize and intensify the WANTED thought. 

    Negative thoughts are not important. It is the positive ones that need your attention. You'll get there.

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