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how to get your ex back

I am charley from Austria, ASHRA is the must amazing spell caster i have ever get in touch.. I lost my lover  8months back after searching for so much help and getting into wrong ones i finally meant the right one which was ashraspelltemple and throu

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What I am in the process of attracting

One thing I am really working on is the way I word things. I used to say things like "I want", or "I need", and all I got was want or need. Ahhh the literal Universe :) 

Hello! My name is Joy, and I am a new member. I am a divorced woman in my late 30

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Can we improve our partners?

Hello, I have been dating my partner for 9 months now almost 10. We love each other, we enjoy each others company, we are happy together and we have plans for our future...BUT..he is currently unemployed which causes him to be depressed at times , he

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My ex wants me back

Hello, first of all I am from Mexico so I want to apologize for my english.Lately I have been talking with mu ex a lot but just because we agreed to stay as friends. We broke up 1 year ago and I was in a lot of pain but with time that pain has gone a

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Driftwood Becomes A Nightmare

Without sparing too many details or boring you to death, I just broke up with a romantic partner who I thought was the one and very special to me because his best friend dislikes me and made me feel bad. He pretty much sided with his best friend and

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