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Love to share.

I just wanna share my love with you guys who are fighting to fight your soulmates or get your ex back.

Almost 6 months ago I was at this web page trying to find something what would heal my broken heart. I was in love with one guy who didnt deserve an

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Walk away and let go

I witnessed LOA in rapid speed granting my desire to reconnect with my ex boyfriend up to a point and then, I had thoughts about this other woman.....who he would visit on the weekends......and of course it was created in my world. Then I agreed to b

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Ex question

OK I would LOVE some positive advice vibes etc. I KNOW I can attract my ex back or better & I don't even care THAT much if I don't get anyone I'm focusing on being happy & loving myself. But now it's got to the point that my ex boyfriend who I broke

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ugly people

Hey, I saw in the discussion most people want to have attractive girlfriends / boyfriends. So how about unattractive people in this world?? Aren't they deserve to get boyfriends / girlfriends? How poor they are!!

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Seeing Your Twin Flame's Aura?

I just did a meditation to seek out my twin flame, and it felt very strange but not alarming so. I was lying down while I did it, but my heart was beating so loud but it felt nice at the same time, almost like seeing a loved one from afar. I also had

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Confused please help

My friend recently introduced me to talking to the universe, when I looked into it more I realised it required doing things I kind of already do anyway which was a good thing. However 1 I find different sites tell you different things and I find it b

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Attracting a casual partner

Hi all,

I have been an LOA user for almost two years now, and have had some successes so far. 

I really want a casual partner at the moment though.  I work long hours in my job at present, as I am a manager in an IT firm.  However, I still want closene

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