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  • Athen888 try to stay positive and look at it as you are making room in your life for the right person to come along.  If he is controlling and posessive it would be difficult to be happy in that relationship especially if he is making no effort to change.  Try releasing him and focusing on the future with affirmative thoughts and thougts or releasing him peace be with him etc and I let go.

  • Hi everyone! I am new here and really need an advice. I met this guy through the FB, we started dating and I fell in love with him. My sister (who has never met him) was not happy that I was going to bring him home, we had a fight and I decided to move out. This guy, let's call him J. asked me to move in together, I said yes and after just 2 months of dating we moved in together. Very soon he started being very controlling and possessive, he took everything I did for him for granted. If something was not like he wanted he started packing his suitcases. I was so in love with him, it was very difficult for me to let him go. I stopped him two times, maybe it was my mistake but I did it. After just 1,5 months of living together I asked him to move out. I miss him terribly, but I did not contact him and he did not contact me. Now I don't know what to do, I still miss him and want him back; on the other side I understand that I won't be happy with him and I made a right decision. How can I let it go?

  • Thanks. I  was just curious to see what people think. I see it all the time, where a clear judgement could be made - where you know and can see they are unhappy together and you may also be able to tell they connected up for the wrong reasons, but I'm not in any way involved.

  • For Jacqueline, why in the name of God would you want to be with a man if he doesn't love you???
  • Can we really work miracles? What if the person we know is for us is married, to the wrong person? No interfering with their intentions, but  energy is powerful and can change lives and relationships.

  • I wish the name of this group was something more affirmative like "I am Love." The word "deserve" to me has a hint of desperation/neediness in it. Just my 2 cents. 

  • I would like my boyfriend back if that is possible, even if he dosen't love me anymore. How does that work, can it?

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  • I witnessed LOA in rapid speed granting my desire to reconnect with my ex boyfriend up to a point and then, I had thoughts about this other woman.....who he would visit on the weekends......and of course it was created in my world.  Then I agreed to be "friends" with the intent to woo him back of course.  He was so attentive during the week and then ignored me on the weekends with her.  I KNOW I should have asked and LET GO...... I did this for four months and I'm exhausted.  I now told him no contact.  How do you detach but still keep sane with your desire?

  • I keep hearing Abraham saying "and you blog about it" so I am going to make a conscious effort to keep my posts positive. I found (or it found me) a forum of like minded co-creators and I'm very grateful to be here. 

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Affirmations to get soulmate

Hi, I have been single, feel like forever, more than 10 years. I am seeking soulmate/lover. I want to find good affirmations that I can say often when I am bored or when I'm free or can mediate or can say in my head or when driving or in public transportationIm looking for good and sweet affirmations, something that soulmate is crazy about me, that he/she do anything for me and that I am the only number one person that he/she is crazy about me and can't stop thinking about me. Something that I…

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Reimagining our relationship

It's my intention to be in a passionate, loving,stronger relationship with Twaine Gordon. We'll raise our daughter and other children we'll have into adulthood. I accept that I deserve good things. I accept that my desire is already granted.

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Undo a manifestation

Hi Guys,So basically I was in a relationship with an amazing person but I couldn't get over my ex so I manifested many times and eventually one day just after manifesting my ex back, it worked and I got what I desires.Shortly After that I realised how wrong I was because I only wanted my ex back because I felt rejected, right now he's inlove with me but i regret it.My question is - is there ever a way to undo that? I can't seem to manifest the guy that I was dating back, even if i do I just get…

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