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Affirmations to get soulmate

Hi, I have been single, feel like forever, more than 10 years. I am seeking soulmate/lover. I want to find good affirmations that I can say often when I am bored or when I'm free or can mediate or can say in my head or when driving or in public transportationIm looking for good and sweet affirmations, something that soulmate is crazy about me, that he/she do anything for me and that I am the only number one person that he/she is crazy about me and can't stop thinking about me. Something that I…

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Reimagining our relationship

It's my intention to be in a passionate, loving,stronger relationship with Twaine Gordon. We'll raise our daughter and other children we'll have into adulthood. I accept that I deserve good things. I accept that my desire is already granted.

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Undo a manifestation

Hi Guys,So basically I was in a relationship with an amazing person but I couldn't get over my ex so I manifested many times and eventually one day just after manifesting my ex back, it worked and I got what I desires.Shortly After that I realised how wrong I was because I only wanted my ex back because I felt rejected, right now he's inlove with me but i regret it.My question is - is there ever a way to undo that? I can't seem to manifest the guy that I was dating back, even if i do I just get…

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