who we really are :)

I found this tonight and the thought behind it rings true with what i have been experiencing lately... not as a passing moment of experience, but truly living in this space... i call it my Original Point of Creation, some call it Zero Point... all i know is that i am THERE and i am there consciously and i have never been more excited about anything in my life :)about this site i have quoted this from; i found it months ago and bookmarked it for future reference so that when i had 'time' (LOL) i could explore it. something happened to my bookmarks, years of them *poof* gone... but i found this link by 'accident' the other day. he has some really terrific things on his site...enjoy.... :)*kimrey*~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Excerpt from "The Extraterrestrial Factor, Pt. 1"http://www.reconnections.net/ET_factor.htm[i tried to get the hyperlink to work, but it didn't seem to, sorry...*k*haha. okay, now it shows up. who's messing with me??? lol]"All of it"While I was away on a trip in 2003, one of the Guides said to me:"We have often said to you that you are ALL OF IT. You are everything and everyone, all across time, everywhere (at once)!"Then, I could feel him turn to me (on the Inner Planes) and say: "How does that strike you?"I was rather dumbfounded. I said: "It kind of bowls me over."I could feel him smile, and then he responded:"Of course it does. In fact, it blows everyone to smithereens who comes in true contact with it, and then scatters them into little tiny pieces---millions, billions of them. This is the cause of what you have termed "The Big Bang." It it a clear, personalized interface with the very statement I just made to you. And it has happened several times, throughout history, not just once. It is a clear internal REALIZATION, which blows apart everything and everyone who truly understands it. But then, once you are all blown apart, you earnestly desire to be back together again. And so, the Game is afoot!" I call that "The Big Boink."The Recons go on to tell us that, after that first degree of internal "trauma," the universe provided a suitable recuperatory environment in which to gather up those pieces again. It is called 3D. In the Grand Game, the Reconnections describe a "Game of Fragmentation," as the One spreads Ourself out across the globe. Indeed, we have become scattered across many globes! Some of them we know, and some of them still feel very foreign to us."Article by Daniel Jacob

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  • wow. i haven't been able to be on here for days, i missed alot of conversation!

    yes, pulling away from religion and our upbringing is extremely difficult... they plan it that way, don't they? basing religion on fear... what a horrid thing to do...

    my thoughts on the one world order, or the new world order... it's a great ideal. unless the consciousness of the entire planet is raised, a nwo in this frequency would do what it has always done, cause death, destruction and decay... so, i am going at this from a different perspective. rather than trying to create a owo/nwo w/i the system as it stands today, i am working on raising the frequencies of the planet and all thereon. that way, a True owo will emerge and we won't have to witness 'armageddon' or whatever you want to call it. there are alot of people working towards and end times scenario, so it takes alot of energy to turn it in a different direction.

    i think this is where 2012 comes in. it is a window in time & space where the reality we are living in splits into multi-realities.... we are all creating our own realities, right? and there are group consciousnesses also in agreement as to what these new realities will look like.
    back in the '80's there was someone who did a study, they figured that if we could go back in time, regression, than we could probably go forward, so he took some people and put them into a meditative state using guided meditation techs. he took them to their futures. there seemed to be a future that was ideal and perfect, based on love and equality. then there was another that showed our future, where earth had become a prison planet, horrid and dark and depressing. there were variations on these futures, but basically there were these two, and the one where earth was gone, and one where it had become a dead planet... so, if there were these futures being 'seen', which one is the real one??? i believe that this is what is happening now... 2012 will be the gateway, the stargate that leads us into the futures that we are creating for ourselves now.
    what are you creating??? that's the question, because what you are believing your future to be is most likely where you will find yourself. time to clean out the closets, get rid of the denser energies!! let them go, we don't need them anymore. there is no reason to stay in this frequency band any longer... the game is over :) and i do believe it has been a game, don't you?? we are playing in eternity, after all...

    when i had first posted this thread, i called it 'who we really are' and that has remained my focus as i go through my daily life... who am i really?? i know that i am me, kimrey. who else am i? my Higher Self, absolutely. more than that, i am the original creation of Source... Source said I AM and then he said You Are, or BE, or whatever ...i wasn't' there yet. lol... and then i was there and now I AM THIS I AM!!! then, I split into many bits of consciousness, each with the power to create their own universes... and so on and so on... now, i am kimrey on earth in 2008 becoming aware that it is up to me to call in all of those bits of consciousness and begin to create from that ONEness, my original point of creation, at the Planck level of quantum physics... i am one consciousness floating in a vast sea of possibilities... what do i want to create now??? that's my question.

    let go of the past, let go of all that would attempt to imprison your Spirit, for we are FREE.
    even Jesus said "ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free" john 8:32
    so, what happened to the teachings of Jesus? they got twisted that certain men would have the power of life and death over others. it's all a lie to keep us afraid. for me, that is the test... does this make me fearful?? then it is not of the Creator. plain and simple. :)

    ~*love & blessings*~
    • hello, *kimrey*

      nice read..,

      i have so many conflicts and yet i have none (hope you know what i mean)?

      i don't believe in the bible, i don't believe in the God of the bible, i don't believe in the Jesus of the bible, although the Jesus of the bible did not go around saying murder and kill, like the God of the bible, i somehow think it was a collective of people, like the dead sea scrolls, people of a much higher consciousness who wrote the stories so as to direct humanity in a certain direction, even were it all true, there is a choice, where it says "I were (would) that you are Hot or Cold, In-between and I spew you out" "Be he (not she) Perfect as your Father in heaven is Perfect" (HOT).., now they want to say, no one is perfect, no one can be perfect, then why does the good book say the we need to be hot (perfect)? it allows us a choice to be Cold, so from a human indoctrinated point of view, i am choosing to be Cold, this does not mean that i now choose Evil or Satan, i don't believe there is a Satan, i do not believe that a God that is described as Love, wants us to love, but in the same breath (token) if you don't, i have a place called Hell, where i will burn your Soul for all eternity.., enough already.., lol..,

      *kimrey* i am at peace with myself, i have experienced the most amazing, awesome thing that i believe any human can, i am in limbo at this time, still allowing it all to sink in, i think it would take forever and a day for it all to sink in.., lol..,

      now to the part of "and there are group consciousnesses also in agreement as to what these new realities will look like."
      i look at the Buddha's (monks) how many of them are not on a much higher frequency than say most of the rest of the planets people? they want freedom from China, they dream it, wish it, create it, (Nothing) were is that creative power working? don't figure that one, maybe they all see the picture in a different light, like if we were all told to picture an island holiday, every single picture would be different, still don't know.., feel for them..,
      not working for them? you see? i believe that we should not try and Control the outcome, try to control the Creation, our Soul (Source) knows the exact math (Quantum) for creating the Perfect match to a feeling or desire.., we have no concept of this in human reality.., all we need do is have that feeling, desire, faith, within, and allow (not control) the outcome..,
      i also believe that one person, Yes! all it takes is One.., you see? One persons Soul, being connected to Source and all other Souls in the Collective, thereby in real terms has the Power of all the Souls, of Source, of the Universe, believing, connected, can create worlds, never mind change them, now that is Power, foolish? simple, for that one person, very difficult to comprehend for the rest of humanity, restricted by their own self absorbed indoctrinated beliefs, should any one human have that kind of power? No.., do they? No.., Why? because, if and when one truly connects and becomes the "I am that I am" there is no need to change things, things are as they are, the worlds will come and go, there is no concept of time, the reality of time for your Soul is Infinite, billions, trillions, years, as many as one could calculate in a trillion years, (lets not go there) (Me)? .., our power of thought and creative power is only restricted by our own beliefs, simple, as simple as that, Tapping into your Souls creative Power source and then allowing, will create an outcome, best suited for you, in the reality of your own life.., I wish I had the time to sit with a Ghost Writer and put this all to Book form, then release it world wide, not for profit of money, rather profit of humanity, profit of a New World Order.., Love..,

      my reality and heart are just that, mine, we may share the same outlook, as humans, we are all from a mental point of view different, unique, and that is what is so wrong.., who should we be? who should then be our leader, our one following, calling, new indoctrination? SOURCE.., our Souls are Source and Source is our Souls, therefore in essence of Truth we are all One..,

      love, light, peace and blessings.... joy and laughter....
    • shaun, why do you believe you need a ghost writer?? goodness, i think you manage to say it quite well!!

      i had typed up a couple of paragraphs on the bible yesterday and then erased it all, wanting to sort of focus on Source rather than the opposition. but you raised my point yourself, so here's a short version of what i would have posted yesterday (i have to drive to lake tahoe four minutes ago...lol )
      i read somewhere, i will look for the link later but since all of my bookmarks disappeared one day (years worth!!) that may be difficult. or not. hahaha.
      ... i read somewhere that the book of revelation is a final exam. that if you read what jesus 'said' and then believe anything you read in the book of revelation then you didn't really hear jesus's words, or get to know him because revelation, just like you pointed out in your post, goes against what jesus taught. that was one of the insights that helped break the chains that christianity had bound me in... chains that seem to slither inside and wrap themselves around your soul, don't they?? blackness. ew. whew!! i am glad to be rid of that!!

      i know what you mean about being at peace with yourself and also in limbo.
      check out these two links, just for fun, you don't have to be a myspace member to view my page:
      or in particular, one of my blogs

      well... i gotta go, i am running late. how does that happen?!?! ;)


      ok. trouble with the links again, so here they are:
    • *kimrey* how's things? missed being here for a few days, time, shew! how it flies, specially if one has peace, think well of you and Marion, and all of Life, your family's, hope all is well?
      i would love to write a book, if only that maybe it would help someone, or many, who knows, i am in conflict with it though, because i would like to remain private and reserved, know, that one day, i will have to come out of my shell, most of my friends and family don't get it, they just don't, i try to put myself in their position when i was like them, and think what i would think or say if someone said the things i now say, to be honest, i would feel the same as they do, so i do understand..,
      would it not be bliss to live together in an environment conducive to this way of life, and to share it with fellow travelers? i think that would be the ultimate, Garden of Eden..,
      i have this dream of being free, really and truly free, where i have all my info, wiped from the system, no birth records, or any other records of me, then i set sail into the sunset, make my own flag and name my own country (not land mass) but my boat, i suppose, "Contradiction" i am sure that would get their attention, how i would like everyone to stare into the mirror of life and see really what it is that is staring back..,

      take care..,

      love, light, peace, and blessings...,
    • i completely understand the desire to be free and completely sovereign... from what i can tell, if we were to attempt to do this within the present system we would have to have tons of money and either be a lawyer or hire several... each country would have to be dealt with. it is a daunting task.

      i made a decision about that... i AM sovereign and i completely trust in surrounding our selves in gold light... they can't see the gold light, much less see through it...it is like a cloak of invisibility :)

      the funny thing.. everyone IS staring into a mirror!! they just aren't aware of it as yet!!

      write that book. don't use your own name :)
      or, remember, richard bach wrote a book or two and he still manages to live the life of a hermit :) others have done it, you will too.

      yes, life has been busy at this corner of the world!! i am just being. what else can i do??

      ~*kimrey*~ <--- that's me floating on the quantum sea of infinite possibilities and boundlessness... all i can say is 'ahhh....'
  • Hi Shaun,

    I understand where youare coming from and what you've been talking about a bit more now. I feel like there has been a pretty big shift within me over the last several days (week really) wherein I feel like I understand the Source more deeply and I got into a zealous mode where I was really wanting to bring other people to more understanding (mostly my daughter) and they get kind of annoyed. There's nothing more annoying than the newly converted! LOL. But I get what you were saying about many things falling away for you because of your comprehension and I just wanted to let you know that. I still have much and am looking forward to this feeling becoming the norm for me.

    x, M
    • hello, Marion;

      nice to hear you getting there, does take time, i see many floating in various directions, and many on a collision course, what can be said or done for them? that is their journey, i can only write as truthfully as i can about my own experiance, i have a much deeper and better understanding now of how things work, i think that was my biggest hurdle, i could not put the pieces of the puzzle together, they just did not fit, after all the years of searching, and when they did (for me) fall into place, it was like no words can describe, Awesome to say the least, these are words i would never have used, too sissy for a hardcore like myself, anyway, the journey continues...

      i do not want to confuse you in any way, but this whole thing about reincarnation and the like, i believed what i had read, i believed there was something there in what i read of others in their explanations of the concept, i now find it more compelling to believe in something more simple and makes a lot more sense (to me)... you see, i see, that this earth originally had many creatures, of which we were one, Source in searching the cosmos for expansion of consciousness, found us, a creature fitting a particular description, and breathed its life into us, and we became living Souls, through us, Source experiences all the senses of what it is to be human, Source has expanded as the universe is always expanding, as we die, our soul entity (energy) is then moved into a new life, or splits into two or three, this is all from one Source, a collective of Souls all from one Source, all connected to one Source, ever expanding, no matter the past millions of years and Atlantis, the Gods, the space travelers, all relative to time, we don't have the concept of time as in eternity, infinite, i believe true enlightenment to be when we become our own Source, when any one of us works out the truth and then connects to our Source (soul) we then become the conscious part of our Soul, other than that we are mere mortals and only a speck in time, our memory with the millions before are integrated in Source, our soul, soul moves into the next life and becomes that life, not us anymore, all souls are connected, there are no dark souls, or evil souls, only the original animal instinct of which we originate, i know this mat sound very far fetched and i do have difficulty in explaining it, like my fairy tale, my outlook, my truth, i know that ones truth can become ones reality, one thing i do know is that i am as close to it as anyone has ever come, there are no human truths, or whatever we can dream up, they are not real in the real sense of the word, all are created by us, using the inner power of Source, our creative power of the Soul, so from that perspective they are all true, everything is true if we believe it to be, even the crazy guy that sees pink flying elephants, he believes it so strongly, then of course he has created that reality in his\her world, for any of us to say it is not true would in essence be the same as saying our own reality is not true... what reality do we now all live in? the reality created by a few original thinkers, their reality, they have now through whatever means (religion) made us all a part of...

      my worst of any and all things, is that i believe we are a reflection of all around us, this is what the outcome of that supposed brilliant idea has manifested to become, look around, the wars, the pain and suffering, starvation, disease, the few stupids, leading the many enlightened, what a disgusting reflection upon us all... we all have to do something about it, we need to change it, we should all be equal, there should never be anyone without, and others with more, the system stinks, it is not working, if it means and end to this way as we know it, then so be it, and a new dawn, lets hope the next time round, they get it right, can it change? will it change? who knows? i hope so...

      nice chatting...

      love, light, peace and blessings to you and your family....
  • Hi Kimrey and Shaun,

    The link worked for me too! Wow and Aha! at the same time. This year (2008) has been one of intense revelation for me thus far. Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth" is what kicked off the new phase. Before that, there were my three "angels" as I call them - friends who were my main (and only) source of any alternate spiritual thinking and belief. Church of Religious Science was the basis of the beginning. One of them had also turned me on the "What the Bleep..." Then The Secret came right on time for the next step. The Secret achieved what Bleep couldn't for me (and obviously millions of others!) It made the intro into the truth easier to wrap my head around and caused me to delve deeper.

    Humor is important to me and I have a way of always finding it in everything (different forms - gallows, schtick, satire, romantic, observational....) So, one day while driving my friend Renee crazy with all of my questions and debates about the universal laws, I hit upon this funny explanation of this world we inhabit and what the journey is. If we are all part of the same energy source and we choose to come to earth and experience this existence - it's like a big game that we choose to come and play. "Energy Ball #6797, come on down!" The trick is, we forget everything we know about the universe almost immediately after birth and are playing 'blind' until (and IF) we awaken. Imagine waking up in the middle of "The Amazing Race" and realizing you've been sleepwalking through most of the competition". Renee got mad at me "It's not a game!" LOL. Some players never awaken, some retain the knowledge all the way through and many of us are awakening now. Sometimes in a panic! Crap! The game is almost over and I'm not winning!! All witchcraft, magic, esp, etc. is a result of awakened 'players' working the laws. I have said that when I finish this particular round of the game, I'm going to float around in a cosmic ball for a good long vacation!

    So, checking out your link, Kimrey, imagine my delight to see "The Grand Game"!

    Happy Sunday :)

    xo, M
  • hello...

    i must be honest *kimrey* i have not viewed the 3 disk version, was not aware of more, will look into acquiring them, enjoyed the one i have, strangely everything that caught my eye\ear when i was searching, fell into my lap, so to speak, i kid not, everything, 'The Celestine Prophecy' showed me a bit about Energy and how all around us in Nature it manifests, i do not take anything literally, i now believe it was my Soul directing me to get all the pieces to the puzzle, that would awaken me to what next to do, when people have others to teach and guide them, those who would have the right answers, then the journey may not require all the pain and suffering, i have had to endure... as a loner most of my life, i am fortunate that i was not too mislead by my peers, i honestly had no idea of the outcome, to be honest, i was coming to the conclusion that all this spirituality was just a load of hogwash, my peers (church) always told me not to worry about the whys, told me not to question, my mother would get angry when we questioned, Don't Question God, i believe this to be a major problem with the way we have been conditioned, In the Bible where God instructs the prophet,s to tell the Kings to go into other lands and slaughter, even the innocents, then we are lead to believe that there are no innocents, when i first read all these stories, i did not question, took them to just be the amazing work of God in molding and shaping the world to come, well look around at this amazing handy work, look at the results, I do not believe those stories now, an inner voice says, what about what Jesus said when he was referred to as Good Master, Don't call me that, for No One is Good, but My Father in Heaven, How did God hold King David accountable for the blood of one innocent, the mother of Solomon, he lost his first born, and was never allowed to accomplish his dream, to build the temple, because he had blood on his hands, what a contradiction, here we have a God that has the blood of millions on his hands, yet in the same token he is called Good, God is Love... well that and the many other stories, are not the work of Love, I don't believe that to be Gods handiwork, then whose is it, Who wrote the scriptures? Men did, Not God, they say inspired by The Holy Spirit, those stories are not Holy ones, they reek of human intellect, i do not believe that i am questioning God, i am questioning Man, Man put that supposed Holy book together, I believe in the Concept of Good, Love, Holy, Perfect... the entity i met, touched, became, was Love in it's Purest form... No concept of Evil, we are Good and Evil, the human we, how nice to have someone else to blame (Satan)...

    and now i am faced with a delema, how though then would i have found "The Tree of Life" had it not been for the Scriptures?...

    Who taught me about Satan and his Demons? who taught me about Evil?... The Church did, Society did, My Parents did, why? oh! why? do we teach this nonsense... how many of us are effected\infected by this nonsense?... teach Love... What You Sow, So Shall You Reap...
    Teach Evil and You will reap Evil... now this world is so filled with Evil... when i look at our world leaders, i ask myself, is this all the 7 billion people on the Planet can come up with, are they the best of us? really... surely we can do a hell of a lot better than them...

    That is why I believe in a New World Order...

    Love, light, peace and blessings to you all....
  • thank you both! my husband is mostly sore. we are waiting for the cat scan results to know what is really going on.

    marion, down the rabbit hole is such a great movie that i rented it from the local video store and ended up driving almost 200 miles to purchase it because i see more in it each time. it is the extended version of 'what the bleep do we know' ... have you seen that one? when you look for it, it may be listed as 'what the bleep do we know - down the rabbit hole, the quantum version' it's three discs :)

    shaun, we haven't realized our dream of floating away as yet, we have to stay on land until our daughter graduates... i think it is amazing that we have the same dream. lol.
    you have so much to say that it is impossible for me to answer each and every point. suffice it to know that as i read what you say i feel joy and i keep saying "YES!!" & "you've got it!!" & "EXACTLY" LOL!!

    many realities, all at once. multi-dimensional living and multiversal experiences. we are free to live a different experience whenever we want to... astral travel of sorts, in meditations, we are already doing this! soon to be bigger and better, yes?

    my 8 year old son was born awake and enlightened. because of this i am homeschooling him :)
    he's pretty fun in a wild pale indigo golden dragon sort of way. lol.
    love and blessing to you,
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