Space conditioning with Bob Vadas and the Powerful Intentions Team!
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Space Conditioning

DIAL 712-432-8900
When promted enter pass code 33657#

Join Master Conditioner, Bob Vadas as he vibrates Like A Billion Bucks with you and all our PI friends!

Click the individual Play buttons and hear the call now.


PI Members from Planet Earth are Welcomed PI Community Members Welcomed from around the World by Chris Tinney.


Chris Tinney Chris Tinney Introduces Marcy from Maui.



Marcy From Maui Marcy from Maui and What is Space Conditioning?



Marcy Introduces Bob Vadas, Space Conditioner Extraordinaire!



The Powerful Intentions Community THE Powerful Intentions Space Conditioning with Bob Vadas



Celebration and the Yes! Yes! YES! Cheer!



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  • wow, it is two years since this Space conditioning call and today I listened to it again and I was blown over with the energy is still active out there in the Universe for all to tap into thank you all of you who took part on that day.


    YES,YES, YEEEEEES !  I feel rejuvenated ....


    love and light Gen

  • How cool! And 'funny' how we're led to these things. One comment on a page leads to visiting someone else's page leads to noticing a discussion group they've commented on leads to this!! :)
  • WOOOW! You guys are amazing!!!!

  • Wow--that was powerful just listening to the audio files!!!
  • wonderful, Thank you!!!
  • Yes! Yes! Yes!
  • This was my first experience with a Space Conditioning and I am still soaring! My husband said I came away looking radiant! I held a crystal pendant in my hand during the call and now it is charged with that energy, a little someting to keep that power radiating for me as I wear it. Thank you Bob, Marcy, and Chris, and everyone involved. I feel such a powerful connection to everyone here. We are rich, indeed!
  • I felt the energy, even if I wasn't on the call.

    I would like to ask that this community take that Space and that Light-filled Intention and direct it to the areas where recent disasters have taken place, both in China and Myanmar. Please see the new discussion and add your energy.
  • Bob you are the master!
  • YES! YES!!! YES!!!!!...Thanks for your Amazing Comments everyone!!!...and for adding your Incredible Energy to the call!!!...It was Powerful!!!

    Bob :>)
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*** NOTE: Space is LIMITED so call in a few minutes early, first come first serve! ***As a Powerful Intentions Member, You are invited to join us for a NEW Edition Of The Powerful Intentions Space Conditioning Call!!!!Tuesday, May 13th, 2008DIAL 712-432-8900When prompted enter pass code 33657#4 pm pacific5 pm mountain6 pm central7 pm easternMidnight on Tuesday/Wednesday in London9 am on Wednesday, May 14th in Sydney*** Click Here to find the corresponding time in your part of the world ***What…

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