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Help from Guides!

I was told by a psychic that my spirit guide's name was Veronique and interestingly enough... that was the name that came to me a number of years before the reading when I prayed!

My auntie told me years ago that the dead are very near and they help u

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How do I know whose my spirit guide

Hi all, I am new to this group, just read a couple of do I know whose my spirit guide and one more thing I would like to have clarity on is at times I hear some inner voices or whispers in my ears if I'm thinking about something or tensed

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Lots of questions

Hello all,

something brought me here after a looong time, so I suppose I will write my story here and maybe will get some answers that will make sense to me :)

This group is full of light, believing and lovely people, so I hope my story will be taken w

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Awaken your Divinity!

About Me: ArtistMy Gift from the Universe:Visionary / Intuitve Artist;Business DescriptionInspiritrational!I Create, manifestations of your personal Essence, Radiating from your soul. Bringing with them Inspiration and JOY!Awaken your Divinity!In the

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