Do your Spirit Guides know your future?

I have received signs off my Spirit Guides through some song lyrcis about my life but the signs show they actually know what my future will be? That must mean we don't have control over everything in our life?

I know this group is quiet but hoping for some replies!

Thanks :)

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  • It's possible that they do, yes. Basically, they are with you all of the time, so they know what thoughts you have been thinking, and what mental pictures you have been imagining. They are also connected to the highest intelligence of the Universe, so they know what would be 'best for you' and what your highest good is. Basically, they know what you are creating and attracting into your life, and are able to give you information about this.

    They know if you are creating something 'negative' and can give you warnings. Ask your guides to 'warn' you if your thinking is straying away from the positive, and they will send something like a car horn, or a bleep of an incoming text message or something. This is your cue to change what you are thinking about.

    They also know if you are creating something 'positive' and will be able to show you omens relating to it. So for instance, I was once out of work and was affirming that MY NEW JOB IS ON ITS WAY. After a couple of days of this, I received an email from a job vacancy website with the title NEIL, YOUR IDEAL JOB COULD BE JUST AROUND THE CORNER. I took this to be a message from my guides to keep on with my thoughts.

    And guides can also help you achieve your goals by providing you with synchronicities which help pave the way. So for instance, you may be looking to attract a relationship, and you find yourself 'drawn' to a particular dating website on which you find the person of your dreams. That is an example of your guides putting you in the right place at the right time.

    Guides do know our future and do know what we desire and what we need. What we have to do is to give them permission to help us, because they can't impinge on our free will. But if we give them permission (and can do this by giving thanks in advance by affirming something like THANK YOU GUIDES FOR HELPING ME) then they will start to intervene in our behalf.
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