Help from Guides!

I was told by a psychic that my spirit guide's name was Veronique and interestingly enough... that was the name that came to me a number of years before the reading when I prayed!

My auntie told me years ago that the dead are very near and they help us through our lives and I have to say from what I have experienced, it's true for me. So there is Veronique, but there are also my loved ones who have passed, and an angel or two as well.

I find that I can sit quietly and pull them into my spiritual space and if I have questions, they give me answers that are helpful and true and I cannot say enough how comforting that is!

It started almost 30 years ago when I fell physically ill, and was ill for seven years. During that time, the manifestations of spirits became very strong when I was on the edge of awakening. (I continue to experience manifestations from time to time if there is information that they feel I need).

I have been able to determine that the spirits that I have seen are either passed on, or living but very high on drugs or alcohol. I have not seen one of the living that was not under the influence. I have also been able to determine the difference between them and actual ghosts- and there is a difference.

This to me is interesting, because it has shown me just how harmful substance abuse is and I am sooo glad that I sidestepped any of that. Do NOT get me wrong, I am not judging those who do, but for me a clear mind has been a must. Just knowing this makes me aware of how close people are to death or a dying state because of drug or alcohol abuse and I send them love.

I feel so blessed to experience this gift and the help I have been given and would like to hear others' experiences as well.

Thank You :)

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