How do I know whose my spirit guide

Hi all, I am new to this group, just read a couple of do I know whose my spirit guide and one more thing I would like to have clarity on is at times I hear some inner voices or whispers in my ears if I'm thinking about something or tensed but not always but it's always when I want to hear it I don't..would appreciate some guidance on it. Thanks

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  • Yes!!!

  • If you are unfamiliar with the concept of spirit guides, but wish to know more, I would suggest going to have a psychic reading. Be sure to find a good, reputable one, and go with a couple of questions that you would like to know more about. Don't tell them too much about you, let them work for their money, and listen to whichever of your helpers in the spirit world comes through to speak to you. They will probably be a blood relative who has passed on now. They will know you, and better still, they will know about your life, but will be able to advise you from the standpoint of being wise beings in the ether world, with a connection to the Higher Power.

  • I find that when my spirit guide is near, I hear a high pitched ringing in my ears. Sometimes it is louder than others, and I can call on her and get answers. The other morning I woke up and it was really loud and I often have either premonition type dreams or I will wake up and see someone's spirit. It will usually be someone who is there to help in that specific situation- someone who has crossed over.

  • The hole my ex put in my heat was gone that morning and I was giggly. I stupidly reopened it a month or so later though.
  • When I was dreaming I was in a blurry world. I heard a mans voice like a radio speaking. Eventually I heard my ex bf's name. Then my mind perked up. That's when the words became clear. He said I needed to let me ex go. I asked him if he was an angel or a ghost, he laughed heartily and said " you would say that". Then he said "you need to let go" I said I know. I felt s staff on my back and him pouring energy into me. It made a sound like electricity and dripping water. I told him thank you and he vanished. I never saw what he looked like.
  • That probably is your spirit guide talking to you. If you can get hold of a copy of 'Creative Visualisation' by Shakti Gawain, there is a chapter in it called 'Meeting your Guide.' It has a guided meditation you can follow, which will help you contact your own spirit guide.
  • Hi, Thanks for the reply, is it possible that my spirit guide has left me as those whispers I don't hear any more. But who could it be does everyone hear such things. I have heard these whispers only when it came to this person whom I strongly feel for not otherwise and that to be when in doubt. How do I meditate, and develop clairaudience, can they be harmful. Thanks.
  • Welcome to the group.  It seems you experience Clairaudience (clear hearing) and when your guide(s) or spirit helper communicate with you, you hear them.  You can meditate to find out who your guide is. Find a quiet place and if you like, soft music is okay too and just let your thoughts roll.  After awhile and when your mind has cleared from your brain chatter, ask your guide their name.  They don't care really if you call them by a name, but they do know it's easier sometimes for us to do so, so they will respond.  It may take a little while before you get an answer, but meditate at the same time every day if you like and eventually things will become clearer as time goes on.  Just be open to receiving an answer.  If you like, you can develop the clairaudience to help you more.  It all depends on how far you want to go with it.  In time, everything gets better and more clear.  

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