• I am sorry for not responding earlier.  I never got notified that there was a response to the message.  Anyhow, you might want to start out with the story of Edgar Cayce himself called "There is a River" by Thomas Sugrue.  It may be hard to acquire the older version, but from what I have read, it's the one that is right on.  There are many books about Edgar Cayce.  One is "Many Mansions" parts I and II, by Gina Cerminara and a whole list of many more.  Basically pick a topic you are interested in and go from there.  I found the way he stumbled into his talents amazing and the fact he helped so many people afterward too.  Here's a list I found on another site:

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    can u tell me some of the famous books of EDGAR CAYCE

  • Yes, you can learn it.  You can even learn how to hypnotize yourself.  Brian Weiss is one of the masters who has treated many people using hypnosis to bring out things that may be blocks in someone's life to help to heal them.  One of his specialties is past life regression and the story of how he stumbled upon this is in his book "Many Lives, Many Masters".  So, if you aren't a believer, try reading the book and see for yourself what you think.  He wasn't a believer in past lives at first until a patient of his helped to give him more insight inadvertently.  Edgar Cayce is another great master in this.
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