One Way To Jump Start Your Subconscious Mind

If you are a person who requires a boost from your Subconscious Mind, you'll love this neat technique to help you tap into your Subconscious Mind.We all heard of writing down our goals and how it is more powerful than simply stating our goals out loud. Well, another way that we are able to make our request more powerful is by writing them before we go to bed and writing them multiple times.I know this may sound like detention, but I promise that I am not your 4th grade teacher coming back to haunt you.If you are on the right track with your goal, you should enjoy this process. I would recommend just one goal to work on at a time if you are like me. You may even want to work with your top 3 goals if you can write each of them down 20 TIMES. I know that is a lot and that is why I personally can only handle one at a time, but you may be different.Another tip when using this technique is to make sure your goal statement is short and clear.An example would be: "My sales are improving everyday"Alright, the next tip is to start now. Make a goal right now and keep a note pad by the bed. Write down your goal every night 20 times and MAKE SURE YOU FEEL IT.Then you can go to bed and let your Subconscious Mind get to work.Remember to take that inspired action during the day and keep faith. Your Subconscious Mind is perfect and is willing to take care of you.R.M.W.

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