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Hello everyone,Have you ever been extremely interested in a particular type of book and wanted to study that material further? After trying to find different books by different authors, you are stuck in a loosing battle.Maybe it was your first time being introduced to that material or maybe you just had a hard time finding books that are related.Well, Jodi, one of our newest members, gave me a great idea on solving this problem when dealing with the Subconscious Mind and Business,When you are passionate about something, you love to devour its information.So, here is an idea.I thought that maybe we could post the names of books that deals with the Subconscious Mind OR the Subconscious Mind And Business. This will allow an opportunity to go out and request a book with ease and save time.Feel free to add a smal description if you like.The books that I have read areThe Answer (John Assaraf) (Five Stars *****)The Missing Secret (Audio/Workbook) (Joe Vitale)The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (Joseph Murphy) (Five Stars *****)Having It All (John Assaraf)Putting The Power of Your Subconscious Mind To Work (Joseph Murphy)That is it for now and other books may come to mind later.R.M.WHope you enjoy

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  • Thanks Januarie Wood,

    I agree with you about Napoleon Hill's book and I will have to get my hands on the other book. I also love Abraham-Hicks books. They come up with some of the greatest techniques that works almost instantly. One of my favorite books by Esther and Jerry Hicks is the one where they present about 21 processes for you to choose from to help you attract the things you want. I will post the name when I think of it, but it is a great read and you can start implementing the processes quickly because of its simplicity.
  • I think the best one I've read is still "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. Another great on is "One with the Infinate" by Ralph Waldo Trine. It was written in 1897, but it's written quite clearly and it's not a hard read. I loved it. It talks about the life force energy is a constant flow and how we can just let it flow through us. I'm not doing it justice. You just have to read it. I also recommend the Abram-Hicks stuff - one of their books has a CD with it that's really good. Hope that helps!
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