Question on a pairing

Hello. I was wanting to see about getting a call from someone. I found a few switchword phrases, but they are pretty long. I would like a shorter one. I was just seeing if you guys had any opinion on them or ways i could change them up. Below is what i found.Together divine whole magnetismTogether divine order listen between charm now doneBetween listen now with both your name and theirs (Which i am guessing is Between listen now mynametheirname)Between Listen now(mynametheirname)

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  • @Karin- Did you get any luck in using any of the switch words to get the call? Please share that. :) 

    This site has a lot of info on SW pairs
    • Hi,

      I am not able to access the link @walter. Do you have an updated one? 


    • I saw this:
      Conversation, increase comprehension of LISTEN-BETWEEN

      but what you just say Listen-Between-My name- their name ?
      That is where i get confused.
    • Hi Karin,

      If you set your intent for it to be between you
      and the person you are wanting contact from
      then just say BETWEEN-LISTEN.

      But you can say both of your names if you wish
      as well. BETWEEN-LISTEN-(your name)-(their name).

      You could also try drawing a circle, putting both
      your names in it and BETWEEN-LISTEN in it too.

      Be sure the circle is completely closed (no breaks in
      it) and the words are all inside, not touching any lines.

      I call those Energy Circles, and we have had a lot of
      great success using them. As long as you do not
      have the circle facing down, folded, crumpled or in a
      garbage it should work for you.

      I am writing an article on Energy Circles I have not
      completed yet, but that is a quick overview of how to
      use them.

    • thank you for the reply will try that.
    • Walter,
      You are an amazing source of information! Thank you!
      Love & Joy,
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